EasyTwist Eyewear: The World’s Most Twistable Eyeglasses

EasyTwist eyeglass frames are exclusively composed of Trilaston, a memory metal technology renowned for its elasticity and unsurpassed shape recovery properties. This proprietary copper aluminum based alloy offers tremendous advantages and value over all other nickel/titanium based “memory metals” currently on the market. EasyTwist

EasyTwist’s form-fitting designs comfortably adhere to an individual’s distinctive facial features to provide frames that are seemingly custom- tailored. The absence of nickel in EasyTwist’s molecular makeup results in frames that are ultimately hypoallergenic to avert any potential skin reactions.

With its significant margin of resilience, EasyTwist’s elite memory metal blend is exceptionally resistant to shock, corrosion and extreme temperature variations.  EasyTwist’s ultra-slim contours are available through an eclectic array of clean designs in rounded, rectangular and angled forms. Its advanced frame material naturally accepts rich finishes to provide deep colors all with a sophisticated metallic sheen.EasyTwist

-Article from 2020 Magazine reprinted with permission from Jobson Publishing



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