Revolution Eyeglasses, Revolution Sunglasses, Revolution Sunglass Clips, Revolution Clip Ons

Revolution Eyewear is a worldwide eyewear company based in Simi Valley, California.  With every item we design, we have been and still are creating the best, most aesthetically pleasing Magnetic
Eyewear the industry has ever seen with our Revolution Eyewear, and Revolution Titanium Eyewear Brands.

At our inception, we were the first company that offered a clip-on FREE, with EVERY frame purchased and we were the first company to ever offer a FULL LINE of Barless Clip-on's!

With an ever-increasing importance on brand name marketing at the retail level, the
brands of Revolution Eyewear are perfectly positioned to fill the most significant product,
pricing and target audience niches in the eyewear business.

This has accelerated our efforts to expand into new lines with some of biggest fashion lablesin the industry! Revolution is now a major player in the booming fashion accessory business!


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