TuraFlex:  Twenty Years and Counting

Tura is proud to be one of the first providers of memory metal. TuraFlex has been remembering for over 20 years and the tradition continues. The TuraFlex Memory Metal collection offers today’s man quality eyewear that is functional, stylish and affordable.

The TuraFlex collection is high quality reliable memory metal eyewear with competitive pricing. Styling is designed to satisfy the taste of the average man with made to last quality, making TuraFlex a memory metal collection that no eyeglasses store should be without. Tura’s extensive experience in producing memory metal eyewear has resulted in well designed frames that combine technology and style. Direct soldered memory titanium allows for a very thin and light fashionable frame without using the tube construction of traditional memory metal eyewear in the market. Combining great styling, reliable technology and friendly pricing, it’s no wonder TuraFlex has earned the never-ending trust of independent opticians throughout the country.

TuraFlex styles combine fashion and function and are available in an array of colors. Style M840 features a rectangular eye shape with an upper mounted end piece showing flair, while offering structural stability. Style M851 features a soft, semi rimless design in a rounded rectangle eye shape with linear detail on the end piece for a classic touch. While lightweight on the face, the style is resilient enough to withstand everyday abuse. Style M854 offers a round rectangular eye shape with a direct-soldered bridge and classic architectural detail highlighted on the end piece.

“Our focus with the TuraFlex collection is to offer the everyday man quality eyewear that is functional, stylish and affordable. we are proud to provide the eyewear market with a memory metal collection that delivers on all of these levels. it’s been this way with TuraFlex for over 20 years and will continue to be going forward into the future,” says TuraFlex’s Brand Manager.


 TuraFlex Eyeglasses


-Article from 2020 Magazine reprinted with permission from Jobson Publishing




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