Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglass lenses are easy to build for yourself, using our Lens Wizard -- your personal guide through the process of selecting the perfect eyeglass lenses for your needs. Whether you are looking for new eyeglass lenses only, or eyeglass lenses and frames, you can learn all about glasses lenses before you buy.

If you are looking for new frames, glasses and lenses, first find a pair of glasses frames. Once you have chosen the frames for your glasses, lenses come next.  Eye glasses lens selection begins with your prescription.  You can find the perfect eyeglass lens for your needs by reading about eyeglasses lenses here in the Learning Center, in the Lens Wizard, or by calling or emailing our customer service department.

In this section of the Learning Center, there are pages that discuss different aspects of eyeglasses lenses, including:

--How to buy eyeglass lenses and frames
--Types of glasses lenses
--Eyeglass lens options
--Eyeglass lens materials
--Eye glasses lens services
--Eye glasses lens cleaning
--Eyeglass lenses and frames

But if at any time you are confused, please do not hesitate to call customer service to ask any questions at all. The easiest and fastest way to find the perfect eyeglass lens for you is to call us. Eyeglass lens experts are available Monday through Friday, 9-5 est, at 1888-896-3885 or 1203-544-0770. And of course you can always email us or fax us.  Fax the prescription for your eyeglasses lenses and frames to us so that we can review your prescription. We can then discuss all of the eyeglass lens choices that are available to you. Our fax number is 1888-896-3866 or 1203-544-0660.

Eyeglass Lens Wizard           

The Eyeglass Lens Wizard is your personal guide through the process of selecting the perfect eyeglass lenses for your needs. Whether you are looking for new glasses and lenses, or for replacement lenses for you current glasses, this is the place to start. If you are looking for new glasses and lenses, first find a pair of eyeglasses frames. On the frame detail page, click the link that says Add lenses to this frame. That will take you to the Lens Wizard. Follow this link if you are looking for Replacement lenses.

Eyeglass Lenses Prices

See all the eyeglass lenses and lens services that we offer, along with the prices for each. You can print the list and use it to shop for lenses in your local stores.  Our eyeglass lens price list is comprehensive, and confusing if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.  Follow this link to see our price list for eyeglass lenses.

Eyeglass Lens Quality           

Eyeglasses.com delivers custom lenses with the highest eyeglass lens quality standards, meeting or exceeding the industry standards.  All of our lenses are made in our Essilor-partner lab.  We never  make or install glasses in-house like most of typical optical stores, because lab-quality lenses are much higher quality and have a much more consistent quality than lenses made in the back of an optical store.  Essilor is the largest and highest quality lens maker in the world.  Follow this link to read more about Essilor, and Essilor lenses at the Essilor International Website.

We have also written an article about how eyeglass lenses are made.  Follow this link to read more about our lens quality, our lens laboratory,  and lens fabrication process.

How to buy eyeglass lenses online

You are the best person to judge your own needs, your own habits, and your own budget. Even though every lens is made custom just for you by a highly trained technician,  there are several choices that you can- and should - make. If you do not want to take the time to learn about prescription glasses, the easiest thing to do is to call us. You can describe what you want and we will tell you what options you have.   And we will never sell you something you don’t need.  Follow this link to read more about how to buy eyeglasses online.

If you go read through the Buying Guide, you will be able to see the simple step by step process of how to buy glasses online at eyeglasses.com. After you get your prescription and PD measurement, go to the Lens Wizard. Following each step, the Lens Wizard pulls you through the process of selecting a lens by first getting some information from you about the frame you want to use, and your prescription. Then, the Lens Wizard gives you options that you can read about and then choose. This whole process can take as little as five minutes or as long as you want it to.

Replacement eyeglass lenses            

Replacing eyeglass lenses in your frames is easy because when you send us your glasses, we can read and copy the prescription and measurements. Or, send in a new prescription and we can upgrade your lenses to the new measurements.  Follow this link to read more about replacement lenses.

Replacing progressive lenses or any kind of multifocal lenses online is simple, accurate, and of the highest quality. We can also install multifocal lenses into new frames using our proprietary Multifocal Fitting System (MFS). The MFS is guaranteed by us unconditionally to provide lenses that work perfectly for you.

Eyeglass lenses - Options

We offer every option you can think of for eye glasses lenses.  For example: scratch resistant coating we provide free on all lenses; anti-reflective coating (AR coating), 100% ultra-violet protection (UV protection), Crizal coating, tinting (any color), fashion tint (any color), double gradient tint (any color) flash mirror coating, mirror coating, edge polishing.

Eyeglass lens - types

We offer just about all eyeglass lens types, but here is a list of the types of eyeglass lenses we offer: Prescription eyeglasses lenses, non-prescription glasses lenses, progressive eyeglass lenses, bifocal eye glasses lenses, trifocal eyeglass lenses, single vision eyeglass lenses, reading glasses lenses, computer glasses  lenses, sunglass lenses, fashion tinted eyeglasses lenses, polarized eyeglasses lenses, sun-sensitive eye glasses lens, Transitions eye glasses lenses, and more. Your prescription and needs will limit the eyeglass lens brands that are available to you. If you are looking for multifocal, bifocal, trifocal or progressive eyeglasses lenses (no-line bifocal), follow this link to read more about progressive lenses.

Glass eyeglass lenses

In the past, eyeglass lenses had always been made with glass. With the advent of high quality plastics in the last 20 years, glass lenses have been replaced almost completely with plastic lenses. Glass lenses have a slightly better optical clarity than plastic lenses and do not scratch as easily. However, glass lenses can shatter and cause serious eye injury. Most optical stores, including eyeglasses.com, do not sell glass lenses due to safety concerns.

Prescription glasses

Choose your own eyeglass lenses

To learn how to choose the right eye glasses lens for your lifestyle, preferences, and bank account, make your own choices about glasses lenses.  Your lifestyle and your preferences are the best guides for you to find the perfect glasses lenses for your needs. While there may be some limitations if your prescription is outside the normal range, in most cases you can make your own decision to choose or reject many eyeglass lens options.

You can start by considering your lifestyle deeply, and think about when and how you use your eyes. Then, learn more about eyeglasses lens features, options, and services. After that, you will be able to select from the menu of lens options the particular eyeglass lens characteristics that will most enhance your lifestyle. Follow this link to learn more about the features of eyeglass frames.

Prescription sunglass lenses

You can build prescription sunglass lenses the same way as glasses lenses. Begin by selecting a pair of eyeglass frames or sunglass frames that can hold a prescription. Lower quality sunglass frames are not designed to hold a prescription lens, and are called non-RXable. RXable sunglasses are sunglass frames that can accept a prescription lens. Follow this link to read more about prescription sunglasses.

Eyeglasses Categories

There are many different types of prescription glasses that are out there.  For example,  there are rimless eyeglasses, titanium eyeglasses, plastic eyeglasses, and flexible eyeglasses.  You can also get eyeglass frames with sunclipsclip on sunglasses attachments to turn regular eyeglasses into prescription sunglasses.

Designer eyeglasses are worn by celebrities and by us common folk.  Visit our Celebrity Eyewear section to see what the stars are wearing.  Or, browse our most popular eyeglasses to see what everybody else likes.


Sean R. Sarabia

Sean R. Sarabia wrote on 02/06/10 7:47 PM

Which of the single prescription lenses is the most scratch resistant?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 02/07/10 10:59 AM

All of our lenses come with scratch-resistant coating at no additional charge. All of the lenses are equally scratch resistant. However, if you choose an Essilor lens, you can then add the top-quality Crizal coating, which has a 2-year warrantee against scratches.
Michael Mobbs

Michael Mobbs wrote on 04/28/10 12:44 PM

I'm interested in knowing the best lenses to use when staring at a computer screen all day.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 04/30/10 6:02 AM

The type of lens you use depends on your prescription, not what you are using them for (in this case). Using anti-reflective coating will help to cut the glare from the screen.

ARTHUR SINGER wrote on 05/15/10 1:09 AM

When doing bifocals, how do you determine where to begin the change from distant to close, without meeting the person?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 05/18/10 6:35 AM

The point where the change occurs is called the "segment height". We have a method for estimating the segment height, but the range for a segment height within a pair of eyeglasses is actually very small. Our estimation works about 90% of the time on the first trial; if the seg height is off or uncomfortable, you can send the glasses back to us for a redo.

Umer wrote on 07/27/10 10:50 PM

In terms of comfort, lightness and durability, what are the right kind of lenses for very weak eyesight (-22)?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 10/29/10 6:22 AM

The best solution is an ultra high 1.74 index lens. Pick a frame with a very small size, as small as possible. Together, you will get the lightest, easiest lens for your high prescription.
Birck Cox

Birck Cox wrote on 11/05/10 5:32 PM

I wore glass lenses for the first 50 years of my life. They worked fine, didn't scratch, and, in fact, saved my eyes from destruction in a road accident. I was talked into getting plastic lenses the last time I bought glasses, and it was a big mistake. After 10 years of use the plastic lenses are worthless trash. There is not just a big cloudy area on the apex of the curve, but a fine pattern of scratches over the entire surface of the lenses, reducing clarity and muting colors. I can't see clearly. I can see better without them. If glass was good enough for the years when I was athletic, active, and performing manual labor, it will be good enough for me now.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 11/05/10 6:30 PM

Glass lenses have many fine properties compared to plastic lenses - the don't scratch as easily and they have better optics. However, glass lenses lenses are much more expensive than plastic lenses, can shatter more easily, are heavier, and cannot be used in semi-rimless or rimless frame designs.

Max wrote on 01/11/11 11:28 PM

I was told that the highest prescription that can fit into rimless eye glasses are a -4.00 and my prescription is a -4.50 and they won't let me get rimless or lower my prescription to a -4.00 which is my contact prescription even though I only use my glasses around the house and the old pair I have now are rimless and at -4.00 and they are fine.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 01/14/11 11:43 AM

We can make rimless eyeglasses with that prescription no problem, and I am not sure why an optical store would tell you that.

becky wrote on 01/30/11 3:56 PM

Are there any measurements (besides the prescription, and PD for distance) that you need to make progressive lenses? Also, I am accustomed to the Varilux Comfort lens. Does that come in a high-index for a rimless frame? Thank you!
Kristin Caldwell

Kristin Caldwell wrote on 01/31/11 1:34 PM

I have a -10.00/-10.25 prescription and was thinking of getting transition lenses in the 1.67 high index lens. Is this a good idea? Or would I be better off getting the 1.74 lenses and just getting sunglasses? Will I really notice the difference between the 1.67 and 1.74 lens thickness?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 01/31/11 2:50 PM

This is a good question and the answer depends on the size of your eyeglass frame. Call customer service with the frame size information and we can give you an idea of the thickness difference between the two lens choices.

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