Cleaning Eyeglasses

Cleaning Eyeglasses Lenses

Cleaning eyeglasses properly takes time and patience.  The best way to scratch your eyeglasses lenses is with improper cleaning.  For example, most people nowadays are cleaning eyeglasses with a shirt, towel, or a cloth for cleaning eyeglasses.  These are the three most popular ways to ruin your eyeglass lenses!

The best cleaning method for eyeglass lenses and sunglasses, including lenses with anti-reflective A/R coating always begins by moistening the lens. Lenses should never be cleaned dry, never with a piece of clothing or a paper towel or toilet paper or Kleenex containing moisturizer. To clean your lenses, start by putting your glasses under lukewarm running water.   Get your finger tips soapy, and gently rub the lens. Rinse soap off the lenses, and then pat dry with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Never rub the lenses with any cloth, just dab them until the water droplets are gone.

Cleaning Eyeglasses Frames

Cleaning eyeglasses is also best done with soapy warm water. You can also take your prescription glasses to a local optical store, which has a machine for cleaning eyeglass frames. However, if your frame has any inlaid gems, you should not have them cleaned by machine, only by hand.



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