Right Size Glasses - Tutorial

Right Size Glasses

How do I get the right size glasses for me?


1) Find out the size of your current glasses by
       a - Reading the tiny numbers printed on the inside of your glasses - more info
       b - Measuring your glasses - more info

2) Then, use the measurents as a guide or benchmark.  Go to the Frame Search page to input sizes and find the right glasses for you.  On the Frame Search page, remember that you do not need an exact size match, so input a range of sizes.  Eyeglass frames are designed to be adjusted, and small size variations will not affect the effectiveness or look of the eyeglass frames you choose.    

Frame Size DiagramEye Size: Horizontal diameter of the lens between the two furthest points.
Bridge Size: The distance between the lenses.
Temple Length:  Length of the temple from hinge to end, including the bend.  It does not include the temple extender.
Temple Extender: Adds to the overall temple length but is not included in the temple length number
Endpiece: Extends beyond edge of the frame front.
Frame Thickness:  The thickness of the frame
Overall Frame Front Width:  Measured from one side to the other

Note:  Manufacturers do not supply measurements for the endpiece, frame thickness, overall frame width, or temple extender.  You must use eye and bridge sizes to estimate the overall frame front width.





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