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You may feel that it is necessary to try on glasses before you buy them. However, unlike a shirt that you cannot alter to fit your body, glasses can be adjusted to fit your face. Read more about adjusting eyeglasses. Follow this link for eyeglasses frame size information, and follow this link to learn about finding glasses for your face shape.

We have a liberal return policy, so feel free to order some eyeglasses online, and then return the ones that you dont like within thirty days for a full refund (there are some limits here). We do not charge a restocking fee unless you want to order a large number of frames on approval. If you are unsure of a color, or which size of a frame to order, this is a great way to be sure and to see the frames on your face in your own home and take your own time to decide.

We do have an electronic system to try on glasses online that can help you decide, but we are not launching that system until the Spring of 2010. You can upload your own photo and try on glasses online on your own face automatically within seconds (you do not need to email a photo to us), or if you do not have a photo, you can try on glasses on the faces of models heads. The great feature about this system is that after you input your pupillary distance measurement, the system shows you an accurate representation of the size of the frames on your own face. This sizing feature is unique and we have patented it.



Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 07/13/10 3:55 PM

The Try On system has not been launched yet.

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