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How do I buy glasses online?

Buying glasses online is easy: 1) Get your prescription and PD measurement 2) Pick out eyeglass frames 3) Add frames to your shopping cart, then click "add lenses".  This takes you to the Lens Wizard  4) Open an account and enter your prescription.  Or, call customer service and we will upload it for you.  5) Pick lenses using the Lens Wizard, or call customer service to help you 6) Add lenses to shopping cart and check out.  6) Send us your prescription after you place your order buy phone, fax, or email, and we will double check it. Follow this link to read more about buying glasses online.

What happens if the lenses and frames I pick out are not compatible?

When you place your order, we do not charge your credit card, we just authorize it.  Your order is reviewed by customer service.  If we have any questions or see any problems or incompatibility in your order, you will be contacted within one business day of receiving your order.  If everything looks good, we will not contact you until we ship your glasses, at which point we will send you an email with a tracking number, and we will charge your credit card at that time.

Is their someone on your site who will advise new customers on the best selection for their needs?

Yes.  In fact, we urge you to call customer service with any questions.  We can help you find the best frames and lenses for your unique circumstances.

How do I get the right frame size for my face?

We have written a whole article on this topic (Link: eyeglasses size).  In short, use your current glasses as a benchmark for new glasses.

How are the eyeglasses adjusted for a customer's use?

We have written a whole article on this topic too (Link: Adjusting eyeglasses).  In short, if an adjustment is needed, you cn learn to do it yourself, or take it to a local optical shop and pay them a small fee to adjust the glasses.

How do I send you my prescription?

By phone, fax, email, upload to website, letter, telegram, telex, or carrier pigeon...whatever is easiest for you.  However, be sure to place your order first, or, call customer service to do it all at once.













Lianne wrote on 03/03/10 12:34 AM

Can I use my flexible spending account to pay for the eyeglasses?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 03/03/10 12:24 PM

Yes, you can use your flexible spending account to pay for eyeglasses frames, lenses, and sunglasses.

Raj wrote on 03/28/10 2:27 PM

I have a frame. Can I get my prescription filled at your site. Thanks.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 03/28/10 7:38 PM

Using our Replacement Lens Service is easy: Just mail us your frames and we will install lenses. Call us to learn about your lens choices. Read all about the service at http://www.eyeglasses.com/category/lenses.html
Susan H.

Susan H. wrote on 05/06/10 8:32 PM

Is it possible for have bifocal lenses put in your Vera Wang sunglasses frame V64?
Ruth Ward

Ruth Ward wrote on 07/26/10 1:12 PM

What are those glasses called that shade the sides of a person's face after cateract surgery? Where can I shop for them? Are they Rx?

DaMann wrote on 09/08/10 2:39 PM

Can behind the ear cables be add to the frames?
Lynda Washburn

Lynda Washburn wrote on 07/10/13 7:02 PM

I wear contacts (for 20 years now) the RX for them is: +150 for each eye. I live on a fixed income (Medicare) and want to order glasses on line, how do I figure out what the RX for glasses should be?

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