At Eyeglasses.com "Our Vision is Service": We work with customers on each and every order to meet your individual needs, answer your questions, and help you in any we that we are able.  Although we cannot meet our customers face to face, we provide active email and phone support so that your glasses order does not get lost in the shuffle.  Here are some testimonials from customers that give an idea as to the kind of service we provide.


What a positive experience!!  Hopefully you can share this with your supervisor.  From the info on your web site, to the courtesy and professionalism you displayed from my first phone call, I thank you.  My glasses arrived today and they are better than I could have imagined.  Not sure why no one locally was willing to put in new lenses.  I will have no problem recommending your company for anyone that is looking to use there old frames.

I am sure you will be hearing from me in the future, when new prescriptions are given.  Thanks again and I hope you have a blessed holiday.

CF, November 2010


Just wanted to stop by and say thank you to James and Meegan for the exceptional service I received and commend your company for providing such a great product!

After a diligent internet search, and, after reading so many negative reviews of other companies, I am delighted I chose your firm...my wife's glasses are perfect!

You have earned our business and we will certainly be back.

All the Best,

JE, November 2010


i recently used your services and had a great sales person/customer service. his name was james and he took the time to help me and gave me options when the frame i was inquiring about was/has been phased out by the manufacturer. thanks james when other sites customer service wouldn't/couldn't help you did.

ML- May 2010


Replacement Lenses  Message:     Thank you! My glasses are perfect. The first time I recieved them the vision was blurry and I sent them back for correction and now they are great! I am very satisfied with your service. I'm not sure who I talked to on the phone but they were very helpful and gave great service. Thanks Again - KL


Thanks, James!  That Vera Wang frame was already very high on my list of possibilities, so maybe my search is over!  I do want a frame of this size, and I would be interested to know what other suggestions you might have, but its good to know that the look and size I want is a maybe.
I haven’t decided for sure, but I think I may stay with the same LaFont “Jupiter” frame.  I really like it, but was thinking of a change to something with somewhat less “B” number – but I have had so many compliments on my glasses that maybe I should stay with it.
My ophthalmologist also owns a high end optical shop, but they were so non-helpful in finding me a Jupiter frame with a reasonable color distribution (not to mention that they said “LaFont is a very fashion forward look, and maybe not the right frame for someone your age.”  (How NOT to sell ANYTHING!)  I really like my ophthalmologist, but the best service I have ever had has been from Eyeglasses.com, and I DO recommend you to everyone who asks “where did you get your glasses.”  I have even told my ophthalmologist that I prefer to work with Eyeglasses .com because it’s “not my fault” if a frame or lens isn’t right, as has often been the case at his shop. He told me that he has made some personnel changes, and I congratulated him on that good business decision, but it hasn’t changed my mind.
 I think there is still some hesitancy in some people about purchasing prescription glasses on line, but I continue to make a point of telling people about my experience with you, and that I have a difficult prescription AND I’m picky about finding the right frame – and that the customer service from Eyeglasses.com is beyond best, the selection HUGE, the knowledge of the eyeglasses.com staff simply not available at any optical shop I’ve ever used in the past.  All of this combined with the Physio 360 lenses that have been truly miraculous for me (I’m forever grateful for you encouraging me to try them).

M.B. April 2010


Thank you for the great service!
March 2010


I always get such great service from Eyeglasses.com. I'll probably order another pair in the near future.
Thanks again,    K.



Thanks, Mark, for the feedback about the return.  FYI, I'm absolutely delighted with the second pair I ordered from Eyeglasses.com.



Thank you for the no hassle return.  I will shop at eyeglasses.com again.
February 2010


Received glasses.  Have checked and worn them.  They are flawless.  Fine work

January 2010


Thank you so much for doing this.  This is exactly why I use
eyeglasses.com  the service is far better that my optical store that
charges me 3 times as much for the same glasses!!!
[In response to a speedy return refund]

January 2010

Thank you for verifying that for me.  If you have a manager/supervisor please forward on to them my appreciation for your excellent customer service.  This is my first time using eyeglasses.com, and based on the service you have provided it will not be my last.  Thanks again and have a nice day.

November 2009


Thank you so much James.

This is fantastic customer service.

I have no hesitation recommending you guys to all my friends and you can
be assured I will be buying all my frames from you in future.  I am so

Thanks again.
CT, Melbourne, Australia, November 2009

I received my two pair of glasses with new lenses and just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your work.  The lenses are great!  Nice job.
Thank you very much.  I will pass the good word around and will be doing business with you again in the near future.
November 2009


Thank you. I have to commend you guys on your service. It was way more personal than I expected an internet order to be.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the lenses you made.  I had no idea just how badly the local eye place did on my last glasses until I had you re-make them.  The local people gave me the impression I had to buy the most expensive plastic available and did a terrible job on the grinding, which cost me twice as much as your lenses.
You've got it all: great prices, choices, and quality.  And I did all from the comfort of my home.  I had my doubts about having glasses made through the internet, but all my future glasses and frames will be bought through you.
Thank you again,

September 2009


 Thanks, I’ll send priority with my order number as a reference. You all are the best to deal with and pass this on if you will. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences that are always above and beyond. As a matter of fact, I was in Las Vegas last week trying to increase my pocket book (yah right!) and was referring others to your site when I had compliments on my frames!

August 2009


Hi James,

NO - thank you so much for yours!!!!! Please share this with your manager:
To James' manager:
James has been fabulous helping me get my eyeglasses' order placed. I wish I could say as much about the opticians at my doctor's office. He has helped me get my prescription correctly into the system and assisted me with the PD numbers. He has responded very quickly to every e-mail. James is what I would refer to has customer assistance!!! (if you don't feel comfortable doing that - if you provide his e-mail - I will send a note).
Thanks so much............. James has won my business for my next glasses.
Dr. F.


Thank you all very much for your prompt replies and
help. I will be shopping with you all next year.


Thanks for the super service, can't say enough about online shopping, when the product is great and especially the worry free way in which the transaction is handled including the reliable shipping.


I received the above order yesterday. I am very pleased with it. Thanks to you and your company for a fine product.



Dear Sir/Madam,
       I have just received my glasses from you and I thought I would write to say how delighted I am with them. This is my first purchase of glasses through the internet and I can assure you that when I require replacements in the future I will look no further than your company.
          Many thanks
I'm telling all my friends about how good you are too!!!


Thanks for all the help and great products.

Just thought i would write a few words sharing my
eyeglasses.com experiance for the staff.


I would like to thank James and the entire
Eyeglasses.com staff for all the help that i have
received. After making my first Eyeglasses.com
purchase of a pair of Shuron Ronsir frames and lenses
and being completely satisfied with the finished
product, i decided to use Eyeglasses.com again to fill
my perscription for a pair of Spy Optics sunglasses
that i had purchased. I received my completed Spy
Sunglasses today via UPS and am thrilled with the
finished product.

I would also like to address the personalized customer
service that i have received from James while dealing
with him by telephone and email. As a person who works
in the customer service industry i understand what
time and effort goes into responding to customers in a
timely manner, and i appreciate that.

I would also like to thank Eyeglasses.com for
providing high quality merchandise while not charging
an arm and a leg. Eyeglasses.com has made a lifelong
customer out of me, and i have and will continue to
recomend your site to friends, family and anyone who
needs a set of glasses.





Eyeglasses Categories

There are many different types of prescription glasses that are out there.  For example,  there are rimless eyeglasses, titanium eyeglasses, plastic eyeglasses, and flexible eyeglasses.  You can also get eyeglass frames with sunclipsclip on sunglasses attachments to turn regular eyeglasses into prescription sunglasses.

Designer eyeglasses are worn by celebrities and by us common folk.  Visit our Celebrity Eyewear section to see what the stars are wearing.  Or, browse our most popular eyeglasses to see what everybody else likes.

Most eyeglasses frames are unisex, meaning they work both for men and women.  We have created some categories for mens eyeglasses, womens eyeglasses, and kids eyeglasses to make it a little easier for you.

If you have a high prescription, you may be looking for small eyeglasses so that the lens is not too thick at the edges.  If you are a large person and have trouble finding eyeglasses big enough to fit you, check out our selection of big eyeglasses.

The retro eyeglasses look is all the rage now, and coming back strong.  We have the largest selection of round eyeglasses on the internet, and we also have a beautiful collection of vintage eyeglasses and retro eyeglasses.







Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson wrote on 07/21/10 12:08 PM

Thank you! My glasses are perfect. The first time I received them the lenses were for the distance part of my Rx when I needed the reading part only. I talked to James on the phone and he diagnosed the problem before I had finished explaining it to him. I sent them back for correction and now they are great! I am VERY satisfied with your service, especially the way James handled my phone call. I would unhesitatingly recommend your service to anyone I know who needs new glasses and hope you are still in business the next time I do. Thanks again. Robin
Robin Hedegore

Robin Hedegore wrote on 09/10/10 3:40 PM

My new glasses arrived today. They are wonderful!
This process was quick and easy. I had my new glasses in about a week for a very reasonable price. Thank You!

PM wrote on 10/22/10 2:12 PM

69 hours and 16 minutes.

That's the total amount of time starting with submitting my order online, until UPS delivered my eyeglasses. Yes, I chose a frame from your in-stock selection, but I also had Varilux progressive lens prescription that had to be completed. I'm not sure how you can turn around an order so quickly. I'm not even sure you can sustain this high-level of performance. But rest assured I'll find out in the future, as my next purchase will obviously start with EYEGLASSES.COM.

The downside of this - you were not my first choice - but after wasting approximately six weeks and being jerked around by one of your "competitors", I finally canceled out of their nightmare and found your company.

Thanks for the first class service!

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