Designer Glasses

Designer glasses are constantly changing, updating, creating new collections, adapting, listening, dissappearing and being created.  We follow these trends in designer eyeglasses, and here you can find articles on a variety of brands.  Keep checking back to see what's new.  There is a long list of designer glasses brands in the navigation to the left.  From Calvin Klein to Silhouette, when there is designer glasses brand news, we will post it here.

Eyeglasses Categories

There are many different types of prescription glasses that are out there.  For example,  there are rimless eyeglasses, titanium eyeglasses, plastic eyeglasses, and flexible eyeglasses.  You can also get eyeglass frames with sunclipsclip on sunglasses attachments to turn regular eyeglasses into prescription sunglasses.

Designer eyeglasses are worn by celebrities and by us common folk.  Visit our Celebrity Eyewear section to see what the stars are wearing.  Or, browse our most popular eyeglasses to see what everybody else likes.


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