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Silhouette launches Zenlight, a rimless collection inspired by natural elements, earth, fire, air, water, wood and metal, and loosely based on the Zen teachings of enlightenment, offering both everything—the highest degree of comfort—paired with nothing that might encumber or limit the wearer’s vision. Zenlight bridges are made of high-tech titanium and the temples are constructed of Silhouette’s proprietary SPX plastic material. The frames also incorporate the company’s screwless hinge system. Included are 12 styles in 12 colors, each color representing an emotion: for example—red for a dynamic mood; blue for serenity; berry hues for harmony. Color coatings are applied partially by hand in several stages.

PHILOSOPHY: “The Silhouette Zenlight collection is inspired by people, nature and simple, genuine emotions,” says Andreas Aschauer-Martinelli, Silhouette brand manager. “It incorporates colors, forms and designs, which create a clear and serene visual experience, allowing wearers to enjoy the full spectrum and emotion of the simplicity of the moment.”   Because of the diversity of colors and lens shapes and sizes, each Zenlight style can be adapted to the personality, preference and look of the wearer.

--Article reprinted from 2020 Magazine with permission from Jobson Publishing.

Silhouette Eyeglasses

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Dawn DuBois

Dawn DuBois wrote on 01/16/11 11:46 PM

I need new lenses for my silhouette glasses. Is that something you can do for me?

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