Crizal® has become the industry standard term for a high quality lens coating.   Made by Essilor, the world’s largest lens company, Crizal® sets the standard for durability and scratch resistance for eyeglass lens coatings.  Essilor originally introduced Crizal® , but later that technology was superceded by Crizal® Alize®, and then Crizal® Avance™.   Crizal® is not used much anymore, and it is almost always dispensed as Crizal® Alize® or Crizal® Avance™.

Crizal 1

Crizal® Alize® is less expensive than Crizal® Avance™.   Crizal® Alize®  offers double-sided integrated hardcoat,  integrated multi-layer anti-reflective stack, super hydrophobic topcoat, and a pad control system.  Crizal® Avance™ offers all of these, plus the anti-static technology of Scotchguard®.   Crizal® Alize®  offers superior scratch resistance, and also helps with glare and reflections during the day or at night. Crizal® Alize®  is easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

Crizal® Avance™ offers the best scratch resistance on the market. Crizal® Avance™ is the clearest and most cosmetically pleasing lens on the market.  Not only is it the easiest lens to clean, but it stays clean longer than other lenses due to the anti-static properties of Scotchguard™.

Crizal 2


Crizal 3

For sunglasses, there is the recently introduced Crizal® Sun™ lens coatings.  Crizal® Sun™ provides a double sided hardcoat,  the backside integrated multi-layer anti-reflective coating stack just like regular Crizal® lenses, but also includes tinting and mirror coatings.



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