This glasses buying guide will walk you through the process of selecting the perfect pair of eye glasses for your needs. Whether you are looking for prescription eye glasses or prescription sunglasses, by following the glasses buying guide you will find all of the information you need to choose the right eye glasses and eyeglass lens for your needs.

You can buy eye glasses at any store including without buying lenses from the same store.  You can then have eye glasses lenses installed in that frame by another store, or mail the frame to and we will install lenses for you. 

Step One: Collect your prescription and pupillary distance (PD) measurements

To begin the process of buying eye glasses, you must first get a prescription.  If you have a strong prescription, or if you are looking for a multifocal lens, it will affect the eye glasses size and style that you can choose.  So you first need to collect your prescription information.  Follow this link to learn more about your prescription.

Your prescription measurements affects your lens choices. If you had an eye exam within the last year, call your eye doctor and ask him to send you your prescription. The doctor is required by Federal law to give you your prescription.  You also need to collect your pupil distance PD measurements, the distance between your pupils. That information may be on file with the optical shop where you last bought your glasses, and you can call the shop to ask. Optical professionals are required by law to release this information—it is your property.

If you need a new prescription, go to an ophthalmologist or optometrist and get an eye exam. At the time of the exam, be sure to ask the eye doctor to measure your PD and write it down on your prescription. Most eye doctors will not do this unless you ask them, because they assume that the optician will measure your PD when you go to buy glasses. Having your prescription and PD in your possession will allow you to buy glasses from any store you wish.

Step Two: Shop for eye glasses frames

Shopping for eye glasses or sunglasses is easy and fun. At you can browse as long as you like at your own pace and in complete privacy. You can use our frame search function to narrow down your choices by the features you prefer.   This website has many features to help you shop for eyeglasses: You can learn about how to buy eyewear,  how to fit eyeglasses, the features of eye glasses, and you can learn about how to try on eye glasses as well.

Eye glasses frames and sunglasses are available in a diverse array of types, shapes, sizes, and materials. Although it is difficult to assess the quality of an eye glasses frame, we discuss some of the indicators of a good or weak quality frame that apply to all frames (even designer eye glasses frames!). The more you know about eye glasses frames, the better decision you can make wherever you buy your next pair of eyeglasses.

Step Three: Add lenses to your eye glasses frames

The Lens Wizard is a step-by-step program that guides you through your lens choices, and helps you to select the perfect eye glasses lens for your needs and lifestyle. By following the Lens Wizard, you will end up with eye glasses and eyeglass lens in your shopping cart.

The Lens Wizard gives you the choice of faxing or mailing in your prescription, or uploading it yourself to the website. If you send it to us we will upload it to your account and be sure it is accurate. If you choose to upload it yourself, we still recommend that you fax it to us so that we can double-check its accuracy.  This is a requirement for all multifocal lens orders.

Step Four:  Check out

After you have put eye glasses and eyeglass lens into your shopping cart, you can go directly to the check out. When you place your order, your credit card is only authorized, not charged. First one of our lens specialists checks your order. If the order looks good, or if we need more information, or if we have a suggestion for you, we will contact you before we begin to process your order. Your credit card is charged when your order is ready to ship, at which time we will send you an email with the shipping tracking number.

Eyeglasses Categories

There are many different types of prescription glasses that are out there.  For example,  there are rimless eyeglasses, titanium eyeglasses, plastic eyeglasses, and flexible eyeglasses.  You can also get eyeglass frames with sunclipsclip on sunglasses attachments to turn regular eyeglasses into prescription sunglasses.

Designer eyeglasses are worn by celebrities and by us common folk.  Visit our Celebrity Eyewear section to see what the stars are wearing.  Or, browse our most popular eyeglasses to see what everybody else likes.

Most eyeglasses frames are unisex, meaning they work both for men and women.  We have created some categories for mens eyeglasses, womens eyeglasses, and kids eyeglasses to make it a little easier for you.

If you have a high prescription, you may be looking for small eyeglasses so that the lens is not too thick at the edges.  If you are a large person and have trouble finding eyeglasses big enough to fit you, check out our selection of big eyeglasses.

The retro eyeglasses look is all the rage now, and coming back strong.  We have the largest selection of round eyeglasses on the internet, and we also have a beautiful collection of vintage eyeglasses and retro eyeglasses.


Lindsey Rutter

Lindsey Rutter wrote on 10/11/10 6:57 AM

I want to be able to use my eye insurance to get a pair of glasses. But i want to do everything on line. How can i do that?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 10/11/10 8:40 AM is an "Out of network provider" for most insurance plans. Check with your plan administrator to find out your out of network benefit. Then, place an order with, and send our invoice to your insurance company to get that benefit.

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