Cole Vision Insurance is accepted by all major eyewear insurance plans including Cole Managed Vision Insurance plans as an out-of-network provider. The eyewear benefits you receive after buying eyeglasses online at are determined by the out-of-network benefits package offered by your insurance plan.

Before you make a decision of where to buy the best prescription glasses for your needs and budget, we urge you to compare your out-of-network provider benefit options to your in-network provider benefit options. We have outlined below a summary of the standard benefits packages available through Cole Managed Vision Insurance Plans, but your plan may be different, so check with your plan administrator. EyeMed and ECPA (Eye Care Plan of America) have recently acquired Cole Managed Vision, and they are all being managed as one insurance company now.

Cole Managed Vision Insurance Out-of-Network Benefits

Cole Managed Vision offers out-of-network, in-network and discount vision insurance benefits. Out-of-network benefits means that you can buy glasses, reading glasses or sunglasses from any eyewear store (like, and submit the receipt to Cole Managed Vision for reimbursement. does not accept eyewear insurance for payment; you must submit your receipt to Cole Managed Vision for reimbursement.

An example of the standard Cole Managed Vision Insurance out-of-network benefits you would receive if you purchased your glasses at*
Lenses $25-$55 for single vision
$40-$80 for bifocal
$55-$100 for trifocal
Eyeglass frames Up to $45.
* Your reimbursement may be different. For the exact details of the out of network benefits available under your plan, you must contact your plan administrator.

In-network and discount plans require you to buy eyeglasses at a retail store that accepts the EyeMed Vision Insurance Plan you have. Currently this includes Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical and Sears Optical as well as selected other retailers. In-network plans can only be used once a year or once every two years, but discount plans can be used an unlimited number of times. However, as you will see below, even using these benefits eyeglasses could cost more under the EyeMed discount plans than at

Cole Managed Vision Insurance: Examples of Standard Plans* pay: Out of Network Cole Managed Vision Access Plan D Discount Plan--You pay: In-Network--You pay:
Select any eyeglass frame 65% of average retail price You get allowance up to $45 65% of retail price $0 for frames priced up to $100, and 80% of amount over $100
Co-Payment   You pay $10-$20   $10-$20
Plastic lenses
Single vision

You get allowance


Lens Options
Scratch coating
UV coating
A/R coating
Other add-ons



80% of retail price

80% of retail price
Frequency Unlimited Once a year, or once every two years Unlimited Once a year, or once every two years
* There are many variations of plan benefits, and this table is meant as a guide only. You must contact you plan administrator to determine the exact details of your plan.

Cole Managed Vision Access Plan D Discount Plan

Cole Managed Visions Access Plan D Discount plan gives you discounts on eyeglass frames and fixed prices on lenses and lens options. You can use the plan as many times during the year as you like. However, offers lower prices on most of the products and services compared to the Cole Managed Vision plan. See the table above for a comparison.

Cole Managed Vision In-Network Benefits

In-network benefits means that you must buy glasses from Cole Managed Visions list of optical retailers. Your in-network eyewear options will be limited to the frames and lenses and pricing offered by that store. These stores increase the listed price of their eyewear so that they can discount it when they accept your Cole Managed Vision Insurance plan. At you have a vast choice of eyeglass frames, lenses, and lens options at prices that have not been inflated so that we can accept insurance plans.

If you stay in your network, you may have a co-payment of anywhere from $10 to $20 for frames and lenses. You get an eyeglass frame allowance of $100if the frame costs more than that, you get a 20% discount on the difference. Lenses are free only if they are regular plastic (single vision, bifocals, and trifocals). If you want a polycarbonate lens the cost is $50, and $75 for regular plastic progressive lens.

Cole Managed Vision Insurance has fixed rates for lens options, but the fees are higher than the fees for the same options at For example, if you want scratch coating, anti-reflective treatment, and edge polishing on your lenses, would charge you $36. We never charge for scratch coating or edge polishing, which we include free on all the lenses we make. Using the Cole Managed Vision in-network plan, you would pay $80 for these options (scratch coating $15, anti-reflective $45, edge polishing $20. Prices vary, this is an example only), as well as other fees.

Cole Managed Vision Insurance plans have other restrictions, and your plan may vary from the standard scenario we have outlined above. For example, you are only allowed one pair of eyeglasses each year or each two years, depending on your plan, regardless of whether you break or lose your glasses. Eyeglasses frames with non-prescription lenses are excluded. And you can only use your insurance at participating providers.

Eyeglasses Categories

There are many different types of prescription glasses that are out there. For example, most eyeglasses frames are unisex, meaning they work both for men and women.  We have created some categories for mens eyeglasses, womens eyeglasses, and kids eyeglasses to make it a little easier for you.

If you have a high prescription, you may be looking for small eyeglasses so that the lens is not too thick at the edges.  If you are a large person and have trouble finding eyeglasses big enough to fit you, check out our selection of big eyeglasses.

The retro eyeglasses look is all the rage now, and coming back strong.  We have the largest selection of round eyeglasses on the internet, and we also have a beautiful collection of vintage eyeglasses and retro eyeglasses.


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