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Teresa wrote on 10/21/09 2:49 AM

My polycarbonate lenses have feathering cracks in them after two weeks of wear. The cracks are on the outer sides going inward, near where the frame hinges are. What would cause this? They are kept in a case when they are not on me. I use only eyeglass cleaner. This has happened twice now on each lens.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 10/21/09 8:23 PM

The likely cause for this is too much pressure on the lens depending on the type of frame you have. If it is a rimless frame, then this is in the drill and attachment. If it is a full frame the lens may be under cut causing these cracks to appear. If you had used a High Index 1.60 lens this likely would not have happened. If installed properly this cracking should not occur (barring strange circumstances of prescription and frame type combinations). For rimless frames, we know that polycarbonate does begin cracking after 1-2 years, and so we always recommend high index or Trivex lens.
Joe Altschule

Joe Altschule wrote on 11/04/09 2:06 PM

I am looking for round frames and saw a pair with what was described as a "saddle" bridge. In the picture it looks uncomfortable. Can you elaborate on this type of bridge> Thank you
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 11/04/09 10:29 PM

The saddle bridge sits on the top of your nose. Most eyeglasses have two nosepads that rest on the sides of your nose. Some people like the saddle bridge, some don't. If it is a small light frame with plastic lenses, the saddle bridge can be more comfortable than nosepads, and it has a sleeker design. However, nosepads can be adjusted to help position the lenses up or down on your face, which is very helpful for high prescriptions and bifocal or progressive lenses.
lim pee wei

lim pee wei wrote on 11/20/09 10:00 PM

hi, just want to enquire that your edging of lens is done in house????
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 11/20/09 10:06 PM

None of our edging is done in-house. Follow the eyeglass lenses/lens quality link in the left navigation, to read all about our state-of-the-art lens laboratory, with up to 21 quality control points.
Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair wrote on 11/29/09 12:38 AM

This is my first time attempting an online purchase of new eyewear. I have a few questions;

- How should I start? Should I send in my prescription first?

- What happens if the lenses and frames I pick out are not compatible? Will someone contact me?

- Is their someone on your site who will advise new customers on the beat selection for their needs?

- Since this is an online purchase, how are the eyeglasses adjusted for a customers use?

Sorry, if these questions are not properly worded. Just curious about the interaction between your online staff and the customer.

Thanks, Scott
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 12/06/09 8:47 PM

These are all good questions. We have posted answers to them in the Learning Center/FAQ area.
Geoff Littlehale

Geoff Littlehale wrote on 12/18/09 1:25 PM

I have a much wider than normal head, so that most 'off the rack' sunglasses fit much too tight -- unwearable. How can I know which size glasses will fit me comfortably? Adding up the lens and bridge sizes doesn't really work, because the frames themselves add some degree of width. Can you help me better understand frame sizing? Thanks.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 12/29/09 7:45 PM

Getting the right eyeglasses sizes can be tricky, and we do have a liberal return policy so you can get it right. But read glasses/eyeglasses size article in the blog for a lot of information about how to get the right size glasses

Lily wrote on 01/11/10 3:24 PM

Looking at the lens options, what is available regarding UV protection?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 01/11/10 9:00 PM

100% UV protection is always included in all lens materials except for CR-39. On CR-39 lenses, you can add UV coating as an option. Lens tint for CR-39 lenses always include UV coating as well.
Renee Bellavance,

Renee Bellavance, wrote on 01/24/10 12:38 AM

I would like to know about the eyeglasses Hush Puppies
H183, violet, I don't know which size to take,, I have a normal face. I would appreciate if you help me with that.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 01/25/10 11:27 AM

On this frame there are only two sizes, and the different between them is very small. I suggest you order the small one and once you see it, you will know if the frame slightly larger would be better for you. It is a cosmetic decision. If you would like the larger one, just send it back for an exchange.
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karla wrote on 02/05/10 12:27 PM

Why can't I ever get my eyeglasses adjusted properly? They are either to tight or to loose on my ears, always sliding down on my nose? If they adjust the nose piece, then it is to tight as well? Is there a trick?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 02/06/10 9:04 AM

There are no "tricks" to perfect eyeglasses adjustment. The best you can do is to ask questions of your local optical professional to learn more about the different frame shapes and styles, and how they may work or not work on your face. For example, lighter rimless frames tend to stay put well, while heavy plastic frames tend to slide.

Christitne wrote on 02/07/10 11:56 AM

I have a Konishi sunglasses frame I would like relensed with my new prescription and a darker tint (80%). Is is possible to get an 80 percent tint that is also Polarized?

If not, would the anti-reflective coating be just as effective for reducing glare?

Thank you.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 02/07/10 6:13 PM

Polarized lenses are not available with custom tints. They come at about 70% darkness and there is no way to change that. Adding AR coating will reduce glare and also reduce the light level somewhat, so it is really the only way to further darken a polarized lens. When you ask "just as effective," that is a subjective call. I would say it does not add 10% more darkness to the lens, but it is the best you can do.

cheryl wrote on 02/09/10 2:15 PM

My son's eye doctor wrote his prescription as OD:1.50-0.50x90, OS-1.50 an PD 67/64 (polycarbonate lenses). Could you please let me know which is the eye size, bridge width an the temple length so that I would know which frames would fit his face so that I may place an order. Thanks.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 02/09/10 2:21 PM

The frame size is not related to the prescription-just about any size frame will work for this prescription. Frame size is a fashion decision. Check out the article in Learning Center/Glasses/Eyeglasses size (http://www.eyeglasses.com/blog/page.cfm/glasses/eyeglasses-size) for more information about how to size eyeglasses.

Christine wrote on 02/10/10 10:11 AM

If I choose the Trivex lens in a gradient tint as replacement lens for my sunglasses, is the upper gradient at least 80 percent? That choice doesn't provide a dropdown for the tint percent.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 02/10/10 4:15 PM

If you have specific tint colors and gradients, the best thing to do is to place the order, and then call us or email us, and we will make special modifications to the order to meet your needs.

Elise wrote on 02/18/10 11:33 PM

I'm aware that Rimless frames are not usually recommended for people with strong prescriptions. If ultra high index lenses are purchased, could half-rims be an option?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 02/19/10 9:15 AM

The use of a rimless frame depends completely on how high is the prescription. So yes, a half-rim could be an option, depending on the size of the frame and the strength of the prescription.

Cathy wrote on 02/21/10 1:42 PM

Can you put lenses in frames that I purchased elsewhere? The frames I'm looking at are half rimless. RX5171

Mark wrote on 02/21/10 11:05 PM

If I purchase frames only, and bring them to my optometrist/optician, will they have everything they need to properly shape/fit the lenses?

Mark wrote on 02/22/10 6:54 AM

Follow up to my previous question about buying frames only: The frames I'm looking at are half rimless. RX5171
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 02/22/10 9:38 PM

Yes, we do have a replacement lens service. Send in your eyeglass frames .and we will install lenses for you

Kristie wrote on 02/27/10 3:51 PM

I am looking for a new eye-doctor, I don't have insurance, pay for everything in full. My current eye doctor is entirely too expensive. I am near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other, with astigmatisms in both. I just recently went to my eye doctor for a yearly exam, ordered new glasses, had my eyes dilated and everything cost me, with a 15% discount 408.00 dollars. That's just too much with no insurance, yes I paid it, because I had to, but there has to be a better alternative. How much is you initial eye exam, dilation, more or less a price list if you will.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 02/27/10 3:59 PM

Eyeglasses.com only sells eyeglass frames, prescription lenses, and sunglasses. We do not do eye exams. Once you have your prescription and your pupil distance measurement from an eye doctor, you can visit our website and choose your own eyeglass frames and lenses. All of our prices are listed clearly on our website. However, if you would like a lens quote, feel free to call customer service and we will be happy to give you one.

bob wrote on 04/08/10 8:09 PM

I have a pair of glasses with polycorbonate lenses and they reflect light in two different colors, blue for the right lens and yellow for the left. What would cause this.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 04/09/10 11:59 AM

It is difficult to say without seeing your glasses. My guess would be that the blue is anti-reflective coating, and the yellow is either a tint, or due to aging of the lens.
Thomas Hoffman

Thomas Hoffman wrote on 04/18/10 6:20 PM

I'm looking at chakra loop glasses and they have a pd of 63 and I have a pd of 62 would they still fit?
Joei P

Joei P wrote on 04/26/10 5:52 PM

I am thinking of getting 2 pair of frames from you...my question is.. How easy or hard is it to change lenses between frames...Thinking about these type of frames: Miyagi 1426-2(4)GABRIEL Glasses, both would be the same frames but diff colors.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 04/30/10 6:00 AM

It is relatively difficult to move lenses between frames. The new frames must be smaller in every dimension, and your prescription and new frame must accommodate a realignment of the pupil centers of the lenses to keep them directly in front of your eyes.
Jon Morgan

Jon Morgan wrote on 04/30/10 1:01 PM

Hello, I was wondering if there is a warranty time for your lenses. My new glasses have become scratched during use and I was needing to know if I had any options. Thanks.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 04/30/10 6:04 PM

All lenses will scratch, and this is not a defect in their manufacture, so there is no warrantee against scratching. However, with the Crizal coatings, available only on Essilor lenses, Crizal offers a 2-year warrantee against scratching. If the lenses become scratched, you can return the lenses to us and we will effect the warrantee and have the lenses repaired or replaced.

Laurin wrote on 07/26/10 12:30 PM

Hi, I was wondering how long it will take to receive my glasses after ordering them. Also, how am i to know what lenses to order for the frames i want? Can't there be someone of live assistance on your website? Or should I just call your phone number and talk to whoever is on the line while I am ordering
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electric beds wrote on 08/29/10 6:09 PM

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Alvaro wrote on 09/12/10 5:16 PM

From a practical point of view what is the difference between saddle and skull?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 09/13/10 9:53 AM

The saddle (without nosepads) style on metal eyeglass frames is sleek and stylish. Some people love it, others find that it bites into their nose uncomfortably. Also, it is more difficult to make adjustments for multifocal lenses to position them in the right spot. With nosepads, the frame is more comfortable on the face and easier to make adjustments. "Skull" refers to the style of temples, the normal straight temple with a single bend near the ear.
Paul Osgood

Paul Osgood wrote on 10/06/10 10:48 PM

If I order a rimless or half-rim frame, will it come with "demo" lenses? My ophthalmologist's office indicated that they would need to have the demo (non-corrective) lenses in order to serve as a template for forming the actual corrective lenses.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 10/07/10 9:35 AM

Almost all frames are shipped with "demo" lenses. In the case of rimless or semi-rimless frames, all are shipped with the demo lenses, and/or a lens pattern for your lab to use.
Cheryl Krise

Cheryl Krise wrote on 10/07/10 5:21 PM

My husband needs a pair of prescription "work" glasses just for seeing the computer screen and up-close reading (progressive) lenses. Will any of the reading Half eye frames be able to fit this prescription? Thanks Much
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 10/08/10 8:18 AM

Any of our half framees will work for progressive lenses, provided that the height or "B" measurement is above 28mm.
coursework writing

coursework writing wrote on 10/19/10 1:00 AM

This is my first time attempting an online purchase of new eye wear. I have a question, How should I start? Should I send in my prescription first?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 10/19/10 8:15 AM

At eyeglasses.com you can order a frame only and have it lensed at a local store, or you can buy a frame with lenses, or you can mail us a frame and we can install lenses for you. Where you start depends on what you need.
Susan Aposhyan

Susan Aposhyan wrote on 10/20/10 1:19 PM

What material are your eyeglass lenses made from?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 10/20/10 1:50 PM

Most eyeglass lenses are made from different types plastic. However, we do also offer glass lenses.
K.C. Moffitt

K.C. Moffitt wrote on 10/25/10 2:47 PM

I have a frame that is very old with a round lens shape at 38 mm. The lenses are gone. Can you put my prescription into this frame? The frame may be 100 years old.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 10/25/10 7:44 PM

Yes, we can make replacement lenses for eyeglass frames, and for antique eyeglass frames. For antique frames, we will assess the strength of the frame before we work on it. If we do think we can install lenses without damaging the frame, we will try. However, there is no guarantee that we won't damage the frame, and we are not responsible for the frame if it does break during installation.
Kurt J

Kurt J wrote on 11/15/10 10:29 AM

I would like to have some glasses with high magnification for doing up close work on very small items. What do you recommend? What should I ask my optometrist for in terms of a prescription? Could I get these in a bifocal with my normal prescription on top?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 11/15/10 11:36 AM

We can make lenses to any specification. However, you need to discuss your needs with your optometrist. Tell them what you are working on and how large you need it, and they will write the prescription for it.
L Baker

L Baker wrote on 11/29/10 4:02 PM

I recently had to get bi-focals and went with a progressive lense for the first time. When I look at things (especially something white or light), I see a prism around the edges of the object. Is this normal with progressive lenses?
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 11/29/10 8:39 PM

Progressive lenses require that you look through certain places in the lenses. If you do not look through the right place in the lens, you may get blurry or distorted vision.

Starla wrote on 12/28/10 9:41 PM

I have an old pair of glasses - (Nautica, N9506
SIZE 47 17 140
I have been told these frames are no longer available. The ear things are glued on now. I am desperate to have a new set of frames or as close as I can get.

How can I search for plastic frames that are the size above? I think that my nautica frames might be children's frames.

Thanks for your help.
Live Video

Live Video wrote on 01/08/11 7:54 AM

I don't have insurance, pay for everything in full. My current eye doctor is entirely too expensive. I am near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other, with astigmatisms in both.

Vince wrote on 01/14/11 9:55 PM

I've been wearing Definity Progressive lenses with an add of +1.25 and have been very pleased. Recently, I asked my eye doctor to bump my add up. He wrote me a prescription with an add of +150 for bifocals and +175 for progressive lenses. He said shorter frames force the progressive lens to be cut off making the add less effective. Is this true? My frames are 30mm tall (50 wide). I don't want to overdo the add.
Mark Agnew

Mark Agnew wrote on 01/16/11 12:27 PM

Your eye doctor is correct, and increasing the add is not going to fix the problem that he is referring to. The shorter the lens, the smaller is the reading area no matter what the add is.