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The Anglo American Optical Company began operations in 1882 in London, England. From the start, the pride of the company lay in its claim of being the highest quality providers of Zyl eyewear in the market. The company travels all around the world in order to find the right material for its products.

Each frame in Anglo American collection represents this commitment to quality. As an example, the AA400 eyeglasses use this high quality material. The model is made with Mazzucchelli Zyl, and features 7 different colors and 2 sizes.

The AA400 is a classic English design and Anglo American eyewear absolutely captures the true sentiment that the designer had in mind. It is evident that the company has knowledge on world colors when one looks at the versatility on the products. Take a look at the AA281 model, is also unisex model designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, but with feminine overtones.