Ernest Hemingway Eyeglasses


Ernest Hemingway Eyeglasses

The Hemingway name itself is a larger-than-life legend, and to have a brand which portraits the characteristics of such a character is a privilege. The Ernest Hemingway persona portrays memories of a time when adventure was a luxury and when danger was a friend.

This iconic celebrity was a true American original and the eyeglasses produced in his honor achieve this same status. The Ernest Hemingway collection is a retro perspective of the possibilities that eyewear styles can offer. Many of the styles present front and temple hinge plaques, and in some cases these come accompanied by rivet designs. This classic look is rounded up by a hard metal case with faux distressed leather and a signature plaque. Read More

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The Ernest Hemingway glasses model H4608 is made of plastic and is are designed for men. The model offers a classic look in two colors: leopard tortoise/crystal and black/crystal. This model offers unique elegance and style, yet it maintains durability through the best manufacturing materials. All of Ernest Hemingway eyeglasses bring durability and style to a different level.

Ernest Hemingway was one of the most profound writers of the 20th Century.  He pioneered a new use of the English language in a profound, modern stil that still grips and delights readers.  Hemingway was also a larger-than-life character himself, living many of the adventures that his characters experienced in his novels.  Beloved by people for decades now as a truly inspired writer and visionary, the personality of Ernest Hemingway will live on forever.

The ultimate accessory to accompany this season’s retro stylings, Hemingway eyewear reflects a beckoning back to true Americana and the author’s adventurous and romantic way of life. Hemingway was a true American original, with a signature style all his own. Men and women who identify with the multi-faceted aspects of this iconic celebrity’s legendary lifestyle will most definitely see themselves in this collection.