Lucky Brand Eyeglasses


Lucky Brand has a very lucky history. Lucky Brand eyeglasses are created with the same attention to detail, history, and personality. Frame shapes are iconic, but executed with a modern contemporary flair for the rich detail that are enabled by the eyeglasses palette. With Lucky Brand glasses, you are sure to be in the groove.

Lucky Brand knows that jeans are much more than fabric and grommets - jeans are the iconic American garment. Like apple pie and ice cream, Ray Ban and GM, Lucky Brand stays true to the rich heritage of denim by crafting well fitted and inspired jeans. The Lucky Brand look is the result of exhaustive personalization, including ripping, fraying, sanding, patching and hand washing. The All-American spirit is the foundation of the Lucky Brand image, which began creating great-fitting, vintage style jeans in 1990, in Los Angeles. After giving them that “seasoned” look, Lucky adds authentic hardware to give the jeans a personal touch. Lucky Brand eyeglasses frames are designed the same way. Read More

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The inspiration for Lucky Brand’s design comes from the types of people for which America is famous – the artist, the dreamer, the free-thinker, the free-spirited, laid back, Southern Cali pioneer. Inspiration comes from everywhere, from Big Sure, to the tattoo parlors in Venice to the pristine beaches of Malibu. Art, music, photography, night life, automobiles, moves and television all come together to create truly unique jeans and eyeglasses that you will wear over and over again.

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