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Ray Ban glasses.  For those who have worn Ray Ban, and nearly everyone has, Ray-Ban glasses offer the same benchmarks of quality.  Ray-Ban eyeglasses have the style, materials, craftsmanship, and comfort that we all have come to expect.  You will find a choice of materials in traditional shapes, full frame and half frame, oval and rectangular.  With Ray Ban glasses you cannot go wrong.

The Ray Ban eyeglasses line is relatively new, compared to the Ray Ban Sunglasses collection, having been introduced in the last 10 years.  Most of the eyeglasses line follows the same classic lines as the sunglasses collection, with Wayfarer, Ronsir, and even aviator styles like the Ray Ban RX6049 eyeglasses frame, and the Ray Ban RX8403 eyeglasses frame. Read More

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The Ray Ban eyeglasses collection includes a variety of styles in plastics and metals.  Most frames have a rectangular shape variation.  The most popular Ray Ban glasses frame by far is the RX5121 Wayfarer glasses frame.  It has the same shape as the famous Wayfarer Sunglasses, but without the lenses, and so it is less expensive and will accomodate all types of lenses and prescriptions.