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Founded in 1999, has always focused on providing the best quality products and services.  Our customer service team bends over backwards to ensure that our customers have a great experience.  We will answer your questions, provide suggestions, and deliver exactly what you need and want.  We source all of our eyeglass frames and sunglasses directly from the best manufacturers, and all of our lens work is done at the world’s finest quality lens laboratory – Essilor.  When you entrust us with your eyeglasses order, you are guaranteed to be satisfied or we will provide you with a refund hassle-free.  Contact us today by phone or email to get help.

Our Return Policy is Outstanding

We offer the internet’s best return policy on top name brand eyeglasses, sunglasses, and prescription lenses:  1) We never charge a restocking fee, 2) If you don’t like the glasses frames you received, send them back for a full refund, 3) Prescription lenses are guaranteed to provide you with excellent vision.  If they don’t, you can send them back for a redo or a refund.  It is that simple.

Our Catalog is Massive

We offer nearly 500 top name brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses, with over 200,000 different models.  In addition to having the largest catalog on the internet, we also provide powerful search tools to find what you want -  1) Text search,  2) Browsing by brand, category, or type, and 3) advanced search.  No other eyewear company in the world can compare with the breadth and power of our eyewear catalog.

Help and Information

We pride ourselves on the amount of information available on this website.  Here you can read everything you need to know to purchase eyeglasses.  If you can’t find what you need, just contact us.

Store Locations

We have a retail store located in Westport, CT, and a store in West Hartford, CT (opening August 2014).  For people lucky enough to be in the area or driving by, you can enjoy the full services of an optician, optometrist, and a huge selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Free Shipping

For U.S. orders over $55, shipping is free, and next day UPS is $5.95.  For all other order, including orders to Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia, we charge you what the shippers charge us.

Virtual Try On was the first internet website with patented Virtual Try On technology.  You can Virtually “try on” thousands of eyeglass frames on this website, then email your different looks to friends to get their opinions.  Just look for the yellow “VTO” icon.

Replacement Lens Service

You can mail in your eyeglass frames, and we will install new custom lenses for you.  We make all kinds of prescription lenses, non-prescription lenses, prescription sunglasses and just about every lens combination you can think of.  It’s easy: just mail us your frames with your phone number, and we will call you to discuss what you need.

Fashion News

When talking about Cole Haan eyeglasses, one cannot avoid talking about expression, culture and individuality. Cole Haan eyeglasses are the final expression of Americanism: they condense styles from the west, southwest, and south. In other words, Cole Haan eyeglasses show what some have called ¨the great American tradition.”

Consumers who are the shakers and movers of cultures find in Cole Haan eyeglasses a brand with a real attitude. The CH210 glasses model, for example, represents a frame rich in spirit and conviction. This model has a rectangular shape, and uses plastic materials to recognize the importance of freedom of expression.

Women can enjoy this luxury too, and with the CH1003 eyeglasses model they can show that they are the new mavericks, influencers and innovators of today. Cole Haan eyeglasses also offer a sober option for original thinkers. The CH926 glasses model is proof of the existence of individuality and the idealism that lives in all of us. More than a brand, Cole Haan eyeglasses represent for men and women an independent attitude which has caught the glorious legacy and brilliant prospects of American visionaries.

The DKNY eyeglasses brand has brought its luxurious craftsmanship and technical innovation to the eyewear industry. This fantastic company offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy quality, flexibility and elegance in DKNY eyeglasses. DKNY is loyal to its New York City heritage and works with green, brown and blue colors that show commitment to the fast-paced city life. In fact, the DY4610B glasses model is a tribute to the elegance and sophistication of the New York lifestyle. Ladies will enjoy the DY4621 eyeglass frame, and also the DY4630 glasses frame for their use of color and streamlined shape.


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At we recognize that glasses have become a unique fashion accessory with many well-known fashion brands entering the fashion eyewear marketplace every year. Today designer fashion eyewear is hot whether from the European fashion houses of Fendi and Gucci or from American brands like Gant, Hugo Boss, Nike, or Calvin Klein, among many others.

Glasses Blog News - Newest Fashion And Eyewear. The eyewear industry witnessed a number of new releases this year. Not only did these frames provide comfort, but the lenses also surpassed expectations. Eyewear manufacturers can only get to this point after many years of hard work and when a clear strategy regarding product development has been created. One of the most important factors in the development of an eyewear collection is the approach the designer has over the proposed design. Unique colors, outstanding styles, and innovative concepts are important elements that successful collections share. In this blog article we present two collections which focus on quality, performance and fashion.  

Our first case is Silhouette Eyewear, which presents the Eyewear´s Crystal Collection. This line features elegance and sophistication through thinner frames, some styles are even rimless. This collection is a well-known reference for this tendency of eyewear. Added to the fashionable looks of the collection, every frame is made out of high tech titanium and SPX, and they present Silhouette’s proposition for rimless, hingeless, and screwless styles. These frames can satisfy the most extravagant and the most conservative users.

In our second case, we present the case of Activist Eyewear. The sun and ophthalmic collection by Activist debuted with the objective of redefining high performance. These collections feature new technologies such as Activizm polarized lenses, and Split-fit temples. Both of these technologies provide comfort to the customers, by creating a different feel of the frames on the face. Every frame is design in Brooklyn and manufactured in Japan using top quality materials such as surgical stainless steel and beta titanium. 

The fashion / eyewear industry provides customers many reasons to wear glasses, either as regular glasses or sunglasses. In many cases glasses are the accessory that helps define a person’s fashion sense and / or personality. Both television and Hollywood’s movie industry have created countless memorable characters whose glasses added an element of mystery, menace, intellectual brilliance, madness, “plainness,” etc. to their personalities? At we carry such an extensive line of glasses, you can easily change your look to whatever suits your mood. It’s quite astonishing how an accessory like eyeglasses can define a character whether it’s a cartoon character like Peter Griffin Sr. the title character of Family Guy or Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten who is Bart Simpson’s best friend to Urkel, the character on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters or Hiro Nakamura from the fantasy TV series, Heroes. Would Clark Kent from Superman fame or Keanu Reeves and other Matrix characters remain as memorable without their dark sunglasses? Clark Kent's glasses defined him as a wonky nerd, whereas Neo's and Morpheus' glasses gave them an impenetrable air of mystery, determination, and a hint of menace. In the Matrix poster for the first movie, all the characters are wearing what is now frequently referred to as “Morpheus” sunglasses. And would Hollywood be Hollywood without movie stars wearing frequently large oversized sunglasses?  Without a doubt the right glasses can cultivate an image, a look, and a persona. It's no wonder people all over the world exuberantly embrace wearing glasses as a fashion accessory beyond the immediate need for functionality.

If you can’t see without glassese, you most likely put them on as soon as you awaken. And they remain on until it’s time to go to sleep.  Unlike jewelry, shoes, clothing, or other wardrobe accessories, the majority of people who need glasses for their functionality wear the same pair of glasses everyday. Someone may own several or dozens of pairs of shoes to choose from depending upon their outfit or activity. For those of us (even at who need prescription eyeglasses, we don’t own a half a dozen glasses to choose from to compliment a particular outfit.

However, owning only one pair of glasses can result in inconvenince if the only pair of glasses is lost or broken. Stumbling around until purchasing a new pair of glasses is not an option you want to experience. And with the great prices you'll find at it is certainly not necessary. We suggest always having a second pair of glasses as a backup. Perhaps when you choose the frames of your “backup” glasses you should select something different, giving you the option for a new look. offers tools to enable you to make your own eyewear decisions. Visitors can text search, advanced search, browse by brand or category, model, size, and color. is not a discounter site and we do not price match, although our prices are usually much lower than prices from retail stores. In addition, we do not accept insurance. You can order your frames through us and then take them to your local eyeglass store where an optician could install the prescription lenses. If you have particularly complicated prescription this might be a smart move. On the other hand, we do use Essilor, the world's largest and best quality lens laboratory to make all of our lenses. We don’t believe in scrimping on the lenses of the eyewear we sell. Our service quality is what differentiates from all of the other online eyewear companies.

With the extraordinary depth of our inventory, customers will find frame designs that vary from classical, to sporty styles, to vintage, modern, and even rimless in numerous sizes and shapes You are able to select frames made from aluminum, tech alloy, titanium, carbon, metal, nylon, plastic, rubber, or wood to combinations. You can select numerous frame shapes from classic, oval, rectangle, round, aviator, cat eye, modified oval or round, navigator, to geometric, and shield frame shapes. Browse through the website for everyday glasses, computer glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses for adults, teens, children and even infants. You can find the perfect pair of eyewear at
If you need a prescription lenses, make sure you have not only the prescription, but also the “PD” Pupillary Distance measurement, which you should request after your eye exam.

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