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Founded in 1999, has always focused on providing the best quality products and services.  Our customer service team bends over backwards to ensure that our customers have a great experience.  We will answer your questions, provide suggestions, and deliver exactly what you need and want.  We source all of our eyeglass frames and sunglasses directly from the best manufacturers, and all of our lens work is done at the world’s finest quality lens laboratory – Essilor.  When you entrust us with your eyeglasses order, you are guaranteed to be satisfied or we will provide you with a refund hassle-free.  Contact us today by phone or email to get help.

Our Return Policy is Outstanding

We offer the internet’s best return policy on top name brand eyeglasses, sunglasses, and prescription lenses:  1) We never charge a restocking fee, 2) If you don’t like the glasses frames you received, send them back for a full refund, 3) Prescription lenses are guaranteed to provide you with excellent vision.  If they don’t, you can send them back for a redo or a refund.  It is that simple.

Our Catalog is Massive

We offer nearly 500 top name brands of eyeglasses and sunglasses, with over 200,000 different models.  In addition to having the largest catalog on the internet, we also provide powerful search tools to find what you want -  1) Text search,  2) Browsing by brand, category, or type, and 3) advanced search.  No other eyewear company in the world can compare with the breadth and power of our eyewear catalog.

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We pride ourselves on the amount of information available on this website.  Here you can read everything you need to know to purchase eyeglasses.  If you can’t find what you need, just contact us.

Store Locations

We have a retail store located in Westport, CT, and a store in West Hartford, CT (opening August 2014).  For people lucky enough to be in the area or driving by, you can enjoy the full services of an optician, optometrist, and a huge selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Free Shipping

For U.S. orders over $55, shipping is free, and next day UPS is $5.95.  For all other order, including orders to Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia, we charge you what the shippers charge us.

Virtual Try On was the first internet website with patented Virtual Try On technology.  You can Virtually “try on” thousands of eyeglass frames on this website, then email your different looks to friends to get their opinions.  Just look for the yellow “VTO” icon.

Replacement Lens Service

You can mail in your eyeglass frames, and we will install new custom lenses for you.  We make all kinds of prescription lenses, non-prescription lenses, prescription sunglasses and just about every lens combination you can think of.  It’s easy: just mail us your frames with your phone number, and we will call you to discuss what you need.

Fashion News

When talking about Cole Haan eyeglasses, one cannot avoid talking about expression, culture and individuality. Cole Haan eyeglasses are the final expression of Americanism: they condense styles from the west, southwest, and south. In other words, Cole Haan eyeglasses show what some have called ¨the great American tradition.”

Consumers who are the shakers and movers of cultures find in Cole Haan eyeglasses a brand with a real attitude. The CH210 glasses model, for example, represents a frame rich in spirit and conviction. This model has a rectangular shape, and uses plastic materials to recognize the importance of freedom of expression.

Women can enjoy this luxury too, and with the CH1003 eyeglasses model they can show that they are the new mavericks, influencers and innovators of today. Cole Haan eyeglasses also offer a sober option for original thinkers. The CH926 glasses model is proof of the existence of individuality and the idealism that lives in all of us. More than a brand, Cole Haan eyeglasses represent for men and women an independent attitude which has caught the glorious legacy and brilliant prospects of American visionaries.

The DKNY eyeglasses brand has brought its luxurious craftsmanship and technical innovation to the eyewear industry. This fantastic company offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy quality, flexibility and elegance in DKNY eyeglasses. DKNY is loyal to its New York City heritage and works with green, brown and blue colors that show commitment to the fast-paced city life. In fact, the DY4610B glasses model is a tribute to the elegance and sophistication of the New York lifestyle. Ladies will enjoy the DY4621 eyeglass frame, and also the DY4630 glasses frame for their use of color and streamlined shape.


The need for computer glasses have become increasingly important in recent years, due to the numbers of people who sit in front of computers for many hours at a time. It is not uncommon for such folks to experience eyestrain occurs from intense use at the computer, blurred vision, dry eyes, red eyes, headaches, sore neck, sore back, shoulder pain, increased sensitivity to light, difficulty focusing, and other symptoms of what is increasingly referred to as computer vision syndrome. Unlike the visual demands associated with most other activities, computer work often involves the eyes changing focus from the keyboard to the screen and back again. You may not be able to change the nature of your job or all the factors that can cause eyestrain, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce eyestrain including buying a pair of computer eyeglasses at

The onset of presbyopia, a normal age-related loss of the ability to easily focus up close for folks fifty years or older, eye muscle imbalance, or uncorrected vision can compounded computer vision issues.  If you find yourself tipping your head to look through the bottom portion of bi focal glasses or often leaning forward or back to see words on your computer screen, or experiencing some computer vision syndrome symptoms, it is time, most likely, to consider getting computer glasses. Handy computer glasses really should not be considered just another type of reading glasses eyewear, nor called “computer reading” glasses.” At we offer a number of computer eyewear frames that will accommodate computer distance prescriptions making your days at the computer more comfortable.

There is some confusion over what computer glasses actually are.  Basically, computer glasses are simply prescription eyeglasses that are made with a focal distance for the computer.  In the language of optician-speak, this is known as the "mid-range," the range between regular reading distance and long vision distance.
Computer glasses are designed to optimize the mid-distance to the computer screen. Computer glasses differ from regular eyeglasses or reading glasses, because computer screens are usually positioned 20” - 26” from the user's eyes. You simply cannot use glasses that have prescriptions for either distance or close up vision needs. You need computer glasses that are made with large intermediate distance zone lenses. Peruse the selection of computer eyeglass frames to find the frames you want.

Computer glasses are now becoming available with more complicated, occupational bifocal lenses (two viewing areas with a visible line between them), trifocal lenses, and progressive lenses (a bifocal without the visible line). These new computer glasses lenses tend to have a larger intermediate distance zone area suitable for viewing content on the computer screen.  Before going to an eye doctor for a prescription for computer glasses, sit at your computer and have someone carefully measure the distance between your eyes and the computer screen. Your eye doctor can then determine the glasses’ prescription with a focal distance appropriate for computer work. The simplest computer glasses (one viewing area in the lenses), have single vision lenses made specifically with a lens power prescribed to prevent computer eyestrain. These computer glasses would not be suitable for driving or other significant distance vision tasks nor for close up reading needs.  Once you have your prescription and your PD distance, which you should ask for during your eye exam, you are ready to select computer glasses frames at

The research and development of computer eyeglasses lenses has evolved to where lens coatings and tints are becoming more common. Many opticians believe the lenses of computer glasses should include an anti-reflective coating for maximum viewing comfort.  Anti-glare or anti-reflective coating has been around for awhile and is recommend for both night driving and reading, as well as for computer glasses. Another coating that is recommended for computer glasses is protection from UVa, UVb, & HEV.  The UV-protective treatments for eyeglass lenses block specific rays from damaging the wearer’s eyes. Be aware that all eyeglass lenses from use only Essilor made lenses that which already have 100 percent UV protection built-in, so an extra lens treatment is not required. You may also find some computer glasses that are tinted an unmistakable yellow tint. This memorably colored tint increases the contrast on the screen and filters out the uncomfortable, harsh light spectrums allowing eye muscles to be more relaxed while working at the computer.

For those of you who do experience tired eyes at the end of the day, computer eyeglasses may be the solution. is here to help you purchase computer eyeglasses at a lower cost than you will find at your local retail eye store. Before spending money for special computer glasses, optimize your eye health by setting up an ergonomic computer workstation. It doesn’t matter if you need to wear computer eyeglasses or not, but by taking a break every half hour to give your eyes a chance to rest. In addition, practicing what is called the “20-20-20” rule where you spend 20 seconds looking at objects 20 feet away for every 20 minutes of computer work should be able to optimize your eye health.

If you still need computer glasses, offers you an outstanding selection to choose from where you will find the best lens configuration for your needs. Learn how to Choose Lenses or call 1-888-896-3885   M-F 9am-5pm EST at our customer service department. Once we understand your needs and lifestyle, we will then walk you through the best choices.

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