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Plastic Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are most commonly made out of some kind of plastic, or, some kind of metal. Plastic eyeglasses come in thousands of colors and shapes, offering you a unique palette to complement each and every outfit. Plastic eyeglasses sometimes have spring hinges, which reduce temple breakage when you take them on an off with one hand. The best plastic eyeglasses are made of Italian zyl, cut from a single sheet. We like the plastics from Anglo AmericanCalvin Klein, Coach, D&G, and Versace -- all made of fine quality plastic materials. Modo, and Lafont are the quintessential brands for creative and unique colors in plastic eyewear. Plastic eyeglass frames set the tone in Paris and Milan. Although they are not as light and easy to wear as some of the new titanium rimless, the bold styles of plastic eyeglasses make an inescapable statement. 


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