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The Eyewear Benefit Plan (EBP) offers the most choice for vision insurance plan administratorsand for the employees or patients -- at the lowest cost of all the major vision insurance benefit plans. At, Our Vision is Service. All customers receive the same high level of service attention, whether they live in the urban or rural U.S., or a foreign country.

Custom Solution for Your Companys Needs

If you are the benefits manager for a company of 25+ employees, we can tailor a Custom Solution (CS) plan for the specific needs of your company. If you are a product specialist at an employee benefits brokerage firm, we can create CS plans for you to distribute through your network. CS plans can be crafted as a fixed percentage discount, fixed fee discount, defined material benefit, or a combination. We do not offer a vision insurance plan, we offer eyewear benefit plans.

More Choice Helps More People offers access to thousands of top eyewear brands at all different price points. We make prescription lenses with a full range of lens types, materials, and coatings. By adding the EBP to your employee benefits, your employees will have access to a vast array of choice, and not be limited to the inventory at the local store carrying your vision insurance plan. If you have employees in remote locations that do not have access to an eyewear store, we are a wonderful solution. Lower Overhead Means Lower Cost does not have a store network, our EBP is not vison insurance, and our inventory is mostly virtual, so our overhead is lower than tradition eyewear vision insurance plans and benefit plans. The Base EBP (a 15% discount on all items) can be added to your existing plan as a supplemental benefit at no cost.

Retail Store Price Inflation

Eyewear prices are inflated in retail stores because retail eyewear stores must discount from these prices when they accept a vision insurance plan. does not accept any vision insurance plans, so our prices are not inflated to begin with. Our prices are typically 30% - 50% lower than prices in retail stores.

Expand Your Eyewear Supplier List

If your company uses vision insurance plans like Eyemed, Cole Vision, ECPA, or Davis Vision, and if you have a rule against using a single company supplier for employee benefits, is a great solution. Eyemed, Cole, and ECPA are all owned by Luxottica, the same company that owns Lenscrafters, Pearle, Sunglass Hut, Target and Sears Optical. Luxottica is also the largest eyeglass frame maker in the world. Davis Vision makes its own frames and lenses. As a result, by adding as a benefit plan to these, your company would not be sponsoring a single company as an eyewear vendor.

Our Vision Is Service

We take a holistic view of the service concept. Service means helping people in the best way that we can. In the retail eyewear store system, it is virtually impossible for people to learn about eyewear before they buy. At, we have published a vast amount of information so that customers can learn all about eyewear, and make their own choices. Normally, an optical professional in a retail store will make most of these decisions for a customer. That kind of interaction may be good for some people, but others like to do research before spending hundreds of dollars on an important purchase. We offer that service, and we back it up with friendly telephone support.

More Information

If you would like to discuss a custom solution for your company, please contact Mark Agnew via email at [email protected], or 1888-896-3885 x2641.