Natori Eyewear Prescription Glasses

 THE EYEGLASSES COLLECTIONS FROM FAMED DESIGNER JOSIE NATORI ICONIC - As always, Natori sees the classics through a unique lens of East meets West and sophistication meets simplicity. Timeless tortoise, magnetic animal prints and artful geometrics -- often bearing the Natori crest -- are destined to become the new icons of the modern eyewear wardrobe. INDULGENT -- To the Natori woman, luxury is necessary. Indulgence is deserved. So, embellishments like Swarovski crystals pave, and mother of pearl inlay seem only natural parts of her glamorous side. MODERN -- Natori style can always take a woman from morning until midnight without skipping a beat. That is what modern means, Eyewear with innovative textures and intriguing juxtapositions of materials are the essence of this new versatility. Read More

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"I believe in glamour and luxury as the great rewards in life." -Josie Natori