Bifocal (With Line) Lenses

Bifocal lenses are lenses with two reading areas, that are separated by a visible line, which distinguishes these lenses from the new progressive lines which do not have a visible line.  The most common bifocal lenses are designed with a half-moon shaped reading area in the bottom half of the lens, called a "flat top".   

However, some people prefer the "executive" or “Franklin” style, in which the lens is bisected by a horizontal line  across the entire width of the lens.  We supply the flat top 28 unless you specify otherwise.  Bifocal lenses are the most cost effective way to create a lens with two viewing areas.   In the past, most bifocal lenses were made with a distance and a reading area; nowadays, people are making bifocals with an intermediate area for computer and pad use, together with either a distance area or a reading area. 

Once you have decided on the type of bifocal lens, you can then add coatings and services such as Anti-Reflective coating, Transitions, and many more.