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International Shipping Rate and Shipping Times

We ship to most countries, and our basic rates are listed below.  If your country is not listed, please contact us for a shipping quote.  These rates are estimates only; in some rural locations and certain countries, shipping rates may be higher and we will contact you prior to shipping. But in any case we charge you the same or less than what our shippers charge us.  You the customer are responsible for any customs or duty charges that may be charged upon delivery.  Please check with your local government offices for more information on how much this would be.

Most orders do not require additional verification, but in some cases we may require additional information in order to process the credit card transaction. 

Country               Cost              Estimated Ship Time
Australia/NZ             $46.95              4-10 days
Canada                    $14.95              4-8 days (USPS Priority Mail)
Canada                    $29.95              2-5 day (USPS Express Mail)
Japan                       $41.95             3-10 days
United Kingdom        $42.95              3-7 days

Region               Cost              Estimated Ship Time
Carribean                 $42.95                7-10 days
Far East                  $41.95                3-10 days
MIddle East             $42.95                5-10 days
South America         $34.95                7-10 days
Western Europe       $42.95                3-10 days