DKNY Sunglasses


The Donna Karan New York eyeglasses (or DKNY as most people call them) have been a top style statement since 1985. The brand was launched by none other than Donna Karan, a renowned fashion icon. Donna Karan graduated from the Parson School of design and has been associated with fashion since then. DKNY brand is not just about eyewear and is also popular for fragrances and skin care products. However, its range of glasses has made a huge impact in the markets. The brand is not only famous in and around New York but serves global markets. The core objective of the firm is to bring to the world, best of New York’s fashion.


DKNY eyeglasses are a huge hit amongst celebrities too. Not only do stars and popular personalities wear them while shooting but also while relaxing. The year 2000 saw Lisa Kudrow adorning two different styles of DKNY eyewear in a movie named “Hanging Up”. Celebrities love DKNY glasses for the stylish appeal and excellent quality. The glasses have a certain elegance and charisma to them. This fan following for DKNY eyeglasses makes them extremely popular amongst the common crowd also. Another reason why people are crazy about the DKNY brand is that the company never slows down on the part of innovation. The brand has created its image by bringing to the markets new concepts and developments with in no time at all. The designer range that it offers depicts the commitment that the brand has shown towards quality.

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Another plus point worth mentioning about DKNY eyeglasses is that they maintain a fine balance between style and sense. These glasses offer a perfect blend between eye care and fashion. The name has something for all. Those who have a subtle taste can choose from a variety of options including the range of rimless ones that are simple yet look cool. For those who like the playful and fun look can go for plastic frames in metallic and bubbly colours. Plenty of styles in a classic appeal are also on the DKNY list. DKNY is one such name that will offer trendy eyewear suited to the taste of different people.


Within the sunglasses category, DKNY sunglasses offer various interesting models. The range includes aviators, rectangular and round frames in street-smart designs. The eyeglasses for both men and women reflect the pulse of New York. The colours palate for men is kept minimal yet interesting. Their designs come in classic black, blue and turquoise. For women, the variety in colour is much more extensive including shades like black, blue, brown, tortoise, red, burgundy, gold and silver.