Flexon Sunglasses


Flexon Eyewear  "Bend me, Shape me¨ is the motto that Flexon Eyewear stands by. The brand is not joking when it encourages customers to try to bend and shape the frames. In fact, the material used in Flexon eyeglasses is so flexible that it surpasses any other eyewear brand in the industry.

The history of the brand advanced in 1998, when Flexon technology first was used by Marchon, a word leader in eyeglasses manufacturing. The success was immediate, and the Flexon Memory Metal began a product revolution in the eyewear industry. Through further research and development, Flexon eyeglasses were able to develop more challenging styles and designs. The technology used by Flexon is unique and although many other eyewear makers have tried to replicate it, none have been able to copy all of the welding properties and processes involved. Read More

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The collections produced by Flexon Eyewear are beautiful. As an example, many models feature a full rim made from a high tech metallic material. This model not only looks good, but it also built to last. The model offers durability and versatility, and comes in different colors such as Scarlet and Palladium.  Follow this link to see the official website of Flexon.