Gucci glasses

are the perfect accompaniment to a Gucci wardrobe.  The collection shows a meticulous detail and used extremely high quality materials.  Due to a growing demand from men, Gucci eyewear has responded with many styles for men and for both men and women. The Gucci eyeglasses collection at this point in time is primarily composed of plastic frames, or metal fronts with plastic temples.  The use of plastics offers Gucci designers more ability to infuse color and shape into your persona, because plastics are generally thicker and more visible than the design palette offered through metal frames.  Frames shapes tend toward the rectanglular – some with hardened corners, some with rounded corners – as this angularity is repeated in other Gucci fashions.  Straighter lines and sharper corners provide a more articulated face shape, which adds to feelings of intelligence, importance, and power. 

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Gucci is an iconic brand, and it began with his small luggage and leather goods business in Florence, Italy in 1921. The brand grew out of its exceptional creativity, introducing timeless standards such as the “Bamboo Bag”, the trademark green-red-green web, and the legendary double “G” logo.  Today, the creative director is Alessandro Michele, who has been moving House Gucci into a more progressive, modern and influential direction.  Romantic and eclectic, the new Gucci style is still contemporary by maintining its attention to detail and craftsmanship.  Follow this link to see the official website of Gucci.