Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses have long been heralded as the ultimate in fashion accessories.  What could compare with a stylish pair of Gucci sunglasses over a white tee shirt and jeans, or the most expensive runway dress?  Gucci sunglasses has set the fashion standard, to the point that it really makes no difference which pair of Gucci sunglasses you are wearing. To be sure, you must wear the Gucci model that you feel best in.  But let’s be realistic, do you really think it matters if you choose the Gucci 4230/S sunglasses or the Gucci 1079/s sunglasses?  Granted the first one is retro-aviator and the second one is retro-Wayfarer, but both have the Gucci logo on the side and Gucci quality throughout.

The new Gucci sunglasses collection is evenly split between plastics and metals.  However, the plastics continue to have this Jackie O thing pervading them, as if big lenses never went out of style.  And big lenses do have some major advantages, for example, blocking out more light and covering more face which can really help in those morning after circumstances….The Gucci 3644/S is more of the classic rounded Jackie O, while the Gucci 4247/S is more of an updated retro-redux to the ‘70s with squared off edges.

For modernity without the retro flair, take a look at the Gucci metal sunglasses, like the 4242S model or the 4250/S model, or even the 4255/S model for a more ornate combination of metalwork and shield.  But don’t worry, there is still a nice Gucci aviator 5501/C/S for those of us that like to be fashionable, but not too far out.

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