Lafont Sunglasses

 In the eyewear industry, there is a brand that evokes not only the images of romanticism, but also the classical mystique behind love, architecture and modern vintage styles. That brand is Lafont. For those who have seen Lafont eyeglasses firsthand, adjectives will be shortsighted when expressing the sophistication that this brand offers to customers. Every pair of eyeglasses from Lafont shares talented craftsmanship, style, and the spirit of Paris.

Lafont eyeglasses offer a vast range of options for customers, from classical stylish looks to outlandish and vintage options - all in the Reedition Collection. For example, the Lafont Atlas model portraits the subtleties of elegance and the durability that superior craftsmanship delivers in every product. This model comes in colors such as shiny gray and green/khaki, and it enjoys the durability that metallic materials have given to Lafont Eyeglasses. Read More

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The spirit Lafont eyewear expresses can also be seen in the Lafont Allure eyeglasses model. This model is a mixture between vintage and classic romanticism, it has a plastic frame, and it offers many unique colors such as demi amber and multi tortoise. Lafont eyeglasses provide an option for elegance and style for every occasion.

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