Top Brands of Sunglasses

We have put together a list of the top sunglasses brands, based on the interest level of you, our customers.  Top sunglasses brands tend to change from year to year in ranking, but the same brand names appear over and over with only minor changes.  For example, Ray Ban has been a top sunglasses brand since the dawn of time, but Smith sunglasses have become popular in the last several years.  Prada and Gucci have been top sunglasses brands for a number of years.  A new top brand contender is Nike sunglasses;  Nike sunglasses use a rimless design with the usabiity of Silhouette rimless sunglasses, but without the high price.


And so, here it is, our current top brand list for sunglasses:

#1 - Ray Ban  (Link: Ray Ban Sunglasses)
#2 - Bolle  (Links: Bolle Sunglasses)
#3 - Gucci  (Link: Gucci Sunglasses)
#4 - Smith  (Link: Smith Sunglasses)
#5 - Versace  (Link: Versace Sunglasses)
#6 - Prada  (Link: Prada Sunglasses)
#7 - Armani  (Link: Giorgio Armani Sunglasses, Emporio Armani Sunglasses)
#8 - Serengeti  (Link: Serengeti Sunglasses)
#9 - Nike  (Link: Nike Sunglasses)
#10 - Adidas  (Link: Adidas Sunglasses)
#11 - Police  (Link: Police Sunglasses)
#12 - Ralph Lauren  (Link: Polo Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, Ralph Lauren Sunglasses)
#13 - Fendi  (Link: Fendi Sunglasses)

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