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Lens cleaning cloths are always in short supply.  The cloth must always be very clean before you use it on your lenses.  Otherwise, with a dirty cloth the lenses could become scratched as you try to clean them!  These lens cleaning cloths come in a variety of colors.  Made by Leader, they are made of a high-tech micro fiber cloth that is suitable for all types of eyeglass lenses. 

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    Eyewear accessories are useful additions to one'e eyewear portfolio.  For example, a small eyeglasses repair kit is helpful to tighten screws for eyeglass frame hinges and nosepads.  Small magnifying devices are helpful to read menus in dark places if you don't need reading glasses.  Small prtable bottles of lens cleaner are useful to carry to keep your lenses clean, and you may need a cleaning cloth as well.  Eyeglasses accessories come in many sizes and style, and this is just a small selection of what is available out there.  If you have any usggestions for additional items you think we should carry, please let us know!

Accessories Cleaning Cloth

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