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 Magnetic Clip On- Ask us for color and shape options.


Chemistrie Sunlenses aren’t your everyday clip-on. All 24 of our sun- lens colors are polarized to reduce unwanted glare and block 100% of the sun’s UV rays for maximum eye protection. Additionally, our mirrored and gradient lenses come with backside anti-reflective coating.


Made from a premium HiVex material, our Chemistrie+ lenses come from +.50 to +2.50 (in .25 increments), they have a double-sided, anti- reflective coating, and are surfaced for a sleek look.


Ease the discomfort from hours with your computer. Our Chemistrie Blue layer filters a portion of the high energy violet and blue light emitted by computer, tablets, smart phones and fluorescent lighting and are available in both plano and intermediate distance powers.


Why would you wear clunky, 3-D glasses, when you have a far more attractive choice? Our new circular polarized C3-D lenses are compatible with any 3-D television using passive lens technology, as well as any RealD Cinema production.



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    The Chakra Eyewear collection was created by the staff at with the intention of finding glasses that offer something unique. Every frame is unique in its own way, but all frames are good quality with a very attractive price point for the quality level. These are our favorite "picks".  Chakra Eyewear is available in a variety of shapes, colors, and other reminders that our bodies should always be in a state of harmony, peace, and perfection.  "Chakra" is the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel", and it refers to the energy centers in our body.  Many Chakra Eyewear glasses are round, or nearly round, as a reminder of the harmony and balance that is inherent in our bodies.

Chakra Eyewear Chemistrie Clips

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