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Adjusting Glasses Frames

Most of the time it is not necessary to adjust glasses that we send you. However, if you find that the eyeglasses do not fit properly, they can be adjusted. Temples, temple corners, nose-bridge and nose-pads are all designed for adjustment. Eyeglasses and sunglasses are designed to be adjusted (bent,) if necessary, to accommodate most any facial structure. When a local optical profession is adjusting your eyeglasses for you, it is called a fitting. In most cases you will not need to fit eyeglasses, but if you do, you can take your eyeglasses to a local optical store for a fitting.

Most opticians will adjust eyeglasses for free. If they charge you a fee, Eyeglasses.com will reimburse you for their fitting fee up to a maximum of $15. Just fax us the receipt and we will credit your account.

How to Adjust Glasses Yourself

If you do decide to adjust your eyeglasses yourself, we caution that you must be extremely careful. The adjustable parts of eyeglasses are small and thin. If your adjustments are done in the wrong way, you can damage the eyeglasses and the manufacturer or retailer will not replace them. If you adjust your eyeglasses too often, the metal may fatigue and/ or break.

Why Do You Need to Adjust Glasses?

If you have bought eyeglasses online, before you begin your eyeglasses adjustment, be sure you know exactly what it is you want to accomplish. The two most common goals are to position the optical center of the lens directly in front of your pupils, and to make wearing the glasses feel more comfortable on your face.

What Do I Adjust First?

To get the optical center of the lenses directly in front of your eyes, first stand in front of a mirror and look straight ahead, neither up nor down. Put on your eyeglasses and position the center of the lenses directly in front of your eyes. Be sure to look straight ahead when you do this. This shows you the place on your nose that you want the frames on your face. Now, you need to adjust your eyeglasses frame so that it will always be correctly positioned.

My Frame Has Nosepads, What Is Next?

You can adjust the nosepads so that they keep the frame in the right place. Widening the nosepads drops the glasses lower down on your nose. Bringing the nosepads closer together raises the glasses up on your nose. Nosepads are attached to nosepad arms, which are welded to the eyeglasses frame. You should make only tiny adjustments to the nosepad arms. If you make large adjustments, or frequent adjustments, the arms will break or the weld to the glasses frame will break.

My Frame Does Not Have Nosepads, What Is Next?

If your frame does not have nosepads, you only need to adjust the temple tips in order to accomplish your goal.

How to Adjust Temples

On metal or plastic eyeglasses, adjustments should be small and infrequent in order to avoid fatiguing the fr