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Brendel Eyeglasses


German Engineering has brought to us much more than we can thank for, and thanks to Brendel eyeglasses, the optical world is not the exception to this rule. In fact, when we talk about style, personality and sophistication for women and men, we talk Brendel, the German optical device and glasses manufacturer. Expressive, glamorous and high quality, these are among the many adjectives defining the unique products Brendel has brought to us over the years.

It is true that initially, Brendel Collections helped women find their feminine and seductive-selves. However, Brendel´s eyeglasses are not only aimed at women, but for men too. The German manufacturer has recognized the necessities of modern men; this new generation requires more than just optical devices. The new masculine men want to express style and masculinity, while taking care of their appearance. Brendel eyeglasses use outstanding materials and through cool, masculine designs like the Brendel 901501 glasses, bring a new concept into existence. This particular model shares with the rest of the Brendel´s masculine line its vibrant, colorful and playful side. ...Read More

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