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Columbia Eyewear

Columbia eyewear was designed to change the reputation of prescription eyewear: We should no longer think of eyewear as items that only fit indoors or that cannot be taken to rough environments.  Columbia eyewear are the invention of the Columbia brand, which has carefully built a worldwide designer reputation for stylish quality and fashionable craftsmanship.  The popular eyewear collection takes advantage of its heritage with some classic frame styles but it also winks at a new contemporary dynamism. Columbia eyewear is the ideal choice for men or women with a self-confident attitude who know what they want. Columbia glasses and Columbia sunglasses can all be customized with prescription lenses.  As a part of Columbia Sportswear, Columbia eyewear has been designed by outdoor specialists and sporting professionals for consumers who have come to rely on this manufacturer’s proven record for quality and technological advancements. At the company, Columbia eyewear developed a unique diagonal secure fit system that combines comfort, fit and grip. With this collection, the company has brought their outdoor experience inside.

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Columbia’s cutting-edge eyewear is designed to enhance the experience of the outdoors and exemplify innovation, technology and performance. Mirroring the equipment favored by outdoor enthusiasts, Columbia eyewear pairs rugged textures with distinct materials to create durable, lightweight styles for people who love the outdoors and lead active lifestyles. The Columbia line offers styles for everyone, including extended sizes in both optical and sun

Outdoor sportsman will instantly recognize the name Columbia Sportswear Company.  Their reputation for quality and technical development now reaches into the area of eyewear.  As befits the outdoors, climbing, hiking or kayaking, Columbia eyewear has created a unique fitting system that brings fit, grip and comport to the wearer.  Utilizing their carborium lenses in streamlined designs these glasses provide protection, comfort and visual performance.  The innovations found in Columbia sunglasses are the result of teams of outdoor specialist, experts and sports professionals working.