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Crizal Avance

Crizal Avance lenses provide a super hard scratch resistant coating, protection from ultraviolet rays, and to top it off, a two year anti-scratch warrantee.  Prescription lenses for eyeglasses are made of plastic, and plastic scratches easily, no matter how careful you are.  If you wear glasses every day, you know how much these scratches can distort your vision. Crizal Avance lenses significantly strengthen and enhance scratch resistance in order to help protect your lenses. Additionallly, Crizal Avance lenses repel dust and dirt the main causes of lens fogging after repeated cleaning, so you don't need to clean them as often.  Crizal Avance is made by Essilor, the world's leading eyeglass lenses manufacturer.

Crizal Avance lenses are treated front and back with a clear coating, giving them a much harder surface, which is what makes them so much more scratch resistant.  At Eyeglasses.com, all of our lenses have some kind of scratch-resistant coating applied free of charge: but with Crizal Avance, you get assurance of the best possible vision, and insurance to back it up.

Crizal No Glare Coating