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Eddie Bauer Eyewear | Eddie Bauer Glasses

Eddie Bauer Eyewear

Eddie Bauer eyewear is a collection of fantastically made and designed eyewear available in all standard materials such as plastic and metal, but more notably in titanium. The offering of titanium based frames is of particular note as this strong material encompasses the very soul of the Eddie Bauer brand - strength. This soul comes as a direct influence from the founder himself, Eddie Bauer. This strength is backed up by a very pure, clean design with in trend shapes such as rectangular, round, oval and many, many more besides.  All Eddie Bauer glasses and most Eddie Bauer sunglasses can be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our glasses and sunglasses. ...Read More

Eddie Bauer Sunglasses
Eddie Bauer Holding is an American grown company and clothing store chain that was founded in Seattle by outdoorsman Eddie Bauer in 1920. From its simple beginnings back in the early 20th Century, the company now operates in over 370 locations across the United States, Canada, Japan and Germany. Despite the huge differences in size between now and then, the company still manages to stay true to the promise of providing premium quality products with a focus on innovation, fuelling the company behind the scenes. The solid commitment to this promise is what makes this brand, and the products that it crafts something that is truly special to behold.

Whether you are looking for something that gives off a professional and executive vibe for work wear or something that is more casual and fun, then there is an option within this vast range to suit your needs. What sets Eddie Bauer eyeglasses apart from other frames is that design is not the only focus - strength, quality and durability are all very much valued due to the company's roots based on providing products for an outdoor lifestyle. A lot of the frames feature a unique twist or addition such as raised, tactile touches or even stylistic holes in the frame which really add a flair of the unusual, which will undoubtedly turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd.

Eddie Bauer eyeglasses although not created by a fashion house, still manage to give off a refined and elegant look which shows just how much care, attention to detail and innovation can reflect on the look and feel of accessories such as these. The frames are provided for both men and women, with each line suitably crafted to elicit either a masculine or feminine vibe while still maintaining the strong, bold look that defines this brand.

No matter what your style, or desired look, there is something in this collection that is perfectly suited to you. With the vast combinations of style, materials used, coloring and unique details, the variety is almost endless and with the Eddie Bauer name you know that you are also getting a quality made pair of frames with durability as standard.

Eddie Bauer eyeglasses were introduced only 20 years ago, long after the company was founded in 1920.  But the Eddie Bauer tradition lives on, mostly in it reputation for clothing and useful accessories that are as stylish in the street as they are impervious to 100 mph winds on a mountainside, in driving rain, on a glacier, in Antartica, alone.  Well, you get the point.  Innovation, quality, and an appreciation of nature drives the Eddie Bauer brand, and no less so in the eyeglasses collection.  The Eddie Bauer eyeglasses collection is quite large, with over 100 models to choose from in plastics, metals, and combinations.  The line features mostly classic styles- nothing too edgy - but the price point is very attractive especially in relation to the quality.