Steven L Cahan MD, Ashville, North-Carolina

About Our Practice:
We provide comprehensive and personal eye care. Dr. Cahan devotes
time to his patients, and he and his staff foster a caring environment.
Our ophthalmic equipment utilizes the latest technology. We are cost
conscious, and we offer quality eye glasses at affordable prices.

Optical Shop
We have a full service optical shop in our office. We offer a wide selection of frames, lenses, and accessories to meet any budget. We carry both designer frames and budget frames. We have standard as well as high tech lenses, including ultra-thin lightweight lenses, transition & tinted lenses, progressive & multifocal lenses, and safety lenses. Our products are warranted, and frame repairs are available.
 Our optician, Ken, is certified by the American Board of Opticians.  He is committed to quality and trained to meet all your   eyewear needs.  You'll be surprised by how good you will feel about your glasses.  You'll also be pleased by our prices.  We encourage you to compare the quality and prices of our glasses to those provided by retail optical stores.
Our Services Include:
General Ophthalmology
Medical & Surgical Eye Care, with "State of the Art" Equipment
Complete Eye Exam
Eye Glasses, including Computer Glasses
Contact Lens Fitting & Dispensing


Steven Cahan

* Exams on-site

3-B Doctors Park, 417 Biltmore Ave.,
Ashville, NC 28801