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Opticians (LO) and optical store professionals can dispense eyeglasses, make adjustments to eyeglasses and they can measure your pupillary distance.  Optometrists (OD) can do the same as opticians, but they can also do eye exams and write a prescription.  Ophthalmologists (MD) can do the same as optometrists, but they can also do eye surgery.  When you get your exam, be sure to ask the professional to measure your Pupillary Distance (PD), and write it down on your prescription. Your PD is required in order to order eyeglass lenses online.  Follow this link if you want to search for eyeglasses.

Center for Health and Vision

Holistic Eye Care for the Family, Full-service Optical Shop on premises, Contact Lens Evaluations and Dispensing.  The Center for Health and Vision is an ophthalmology and eye care practice, with offices in Burnet, Texas. Under the experienced leadership of Kenneth Malamud, M.D., his wife, Paulette Malamud, R.N., and Andrea Baker, dispensing Optician, the Center for Health and Vision provides complete eye care for the family, as well as alternative and holistic medical practices. A focus on patient-centered education, dietary and lifestyle management, vitamin and nutritional supplements, as well as conventional medical therapies are all part of the patient experience. Dr. Malamud takes pride in spending time with his patients, educating them and answering their questions and concerns about their particular eye conditions, and how the patient can influence and participate in their eye health.


Andrea Baker, Optician

Kenneth Malamud

* Exams on-site
* Eyewear available on-site

1001 Buchanan Dr., Ste. 3
Burnet, TX 78611

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