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Buying eyeglasses online offers the benefits of greater selection, and lower prices. Eyeglasses.com offers only high quality eyeglass frames, lenses, and services. Buying eyeglasses online is a different way to buy eyeglasses. You can choose between learning about eyewear and making your own decisions, or, paying an optical store employee to make most of your decisions. Most people that consider buying eyeglasses online for the first time are concerned with three things: Can I do this? Will I get the right glasses for me? Will the quality of eyeglasses online be as good as I can get from a local store? Buying eyeglasses or sunglasses online offers a different package of products and services a different eyewear experience altogether compared to shopping in a traditional optical store. If you learn some information on our website that helps you understand about your choices in eyewear, we at eyeglasses.com have succeeded in our mission to help people.

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  Eyeglasses online Retail store* Information Accessibility Lots of help & information is available about glasses online for you to read anytime as much as you want. Questions answered by phone or email. Check out our Learning Center pages. Very little information about eyewear is distributed. Lens price lists are never available. Employees will answer your questions. Employees will choose lenses for you. Vision Insurance Plans We are accepted by all the major insurance plan as an out-of-network provider. Read more about vision insurance plans and how they work. Optical stores usually participate in vision plans as in-network providers. In order to support this, they must increase their frame and lens prices so that they can afford to accept your insurance for payment. Trying on glasses If you are not sure of the look or fit of eyeglasses online, you can order a few pairs and send back what you do not like. You can also check out our virtual try on feature (launching Spring 2010), where you can upload your photo and try our glasses on your own face. In a retail store, you can try on any glasses that the store has in inventory Eyeglasses fit Eyewear is adjustable, so most eyeglasses fit most people. Read more about eyeglasses size, and adjusting your eyeglasses. mple of the standard Block out-of-network benefits you would receive if you purchased your glasses at eyeglasses Search by Feature Search function allows you to sort and search for the exact style of glasses online that you want. Check out our frame search service. Your search is limited to what you can find in the store. Problem solving If you have a problem with your glasses online, you can mail them back to eyeglasses.com to resolve the problem. We are also available by phone, email, and online chat. If you have a problem with your glasses, you can solve the problem by visiting the store. Eyeglass frames, quality and prices We only sell high quality authentic frames, mostly from well-known brands. All frames are clearly priced. Learn more abouteyeglass frames. Read more about how to buy eyewear. There is a wide range of frame quality and price point. Sometimes frames are not marked with a price and you must ask for a price. Selection More than 100,000 eyeglass frames online to choose from. We can special order from a vast number of vendors. Big selection of reading glasses and rimless eyeglasses. Store inventories range from 200 to 1,500 frames. Stores can special order only from a small number of vendors. Accessibility and privacy You can learn and shop eye glasses online as long as you want in complete privacy. While you shop there is usually a salesperson with you most of the time. Eyeglass lens quality and price Eyeglasses.com adheres to the highest standards of lens quality. Our prices are typically about the same as Wal-Mart and Costco, and close to half of other optical stores. Read more about our lens quality. Lens quality varies from store to store. Lens prices are significantly higher in most retail outlets except for WalMart and Costco Eyeglass lenses selection We offer a large selection of eyeglass lenses, and lens options. All of our lens choices have clear prices and a full description of the features and benefits. You can read how to choose the lens that is best for you at the prescription glassespage. We are always available to answer any question you may have. Read more about our eyeglass lenses. It is also easy to order replacement lenses for your glasses, and to make your own prescription sunglasses. Optical store employees tell you the lens package that is best for your needs. Replacement lenses Replacing lenses is easy. Just send us your glasses to copy the lenses, or send us your new prescription with the glasses. This is a great service for prescription glasses and progressive lenses. Optical stores can also easily replace lenses, but their prices are much higher. Multifocal lenses With our Multifocal Lens System, we can make multifocal lenses in new frames that will work for most people. Follow this link to read more about progressive lenses. Optical stores can also easily replace lenses, but their prices are much higher. Shopping hours 24 hours/day, 365 days/year Tuesday through Saturday, 9-5 * There is great variation of the products, service offerings, and prices among retail eyewear dispensing outlets. We present an average. Your experience may differ.