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Amy Sacks Eyeglasses



Created by Ann Sacks, the Amy Sacks eyeglasses collection of designer reading glasses, sunglasses and reading sunglasses for men and women is unsurpassed in excellence, refinement and value. Ann Sacks eyewear consists of a collection of timeless glasses at reasonable prices. Named after her daughter Amy, the company donates all profits to animal rescue.


In addition to the glasses provided, the Amy Sacks collection also includes sustainable bamboo. The company is particularly proud of the exclusive hand crafted Amy Sacks eyeglasses offered in varying shades. With a modern and timeless feel, Amy Sacks glasses are very sophisticated.


To Ann, it is important that customers understand what Amy Sacks eyeglasses represent. These glasses are exclusive designs by Ann Sacks and are sold at less than half the price of other premium brands. The company also offers a lifetime warranty and a generous exchange policy. Amy Sacks eyeglasses are the eyewear industry’s first “sustainable” collection. Her collections also include reading glasses and reading sunglasses. Amy Sacks’ stores can be found throughout the United States and in select locations in Canada.

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