Anglo American Eyeglasses


Anglo American eyeglasses is one of the world's oldest eyeglasses companies. With manufacturing facilities in England, Anglo American glasses are made with the best quality italian zyl made by Mazzucchelli, the maker of the world's finest optical plastics. Anglo American Optical Company LTD was founded in London in 1882, with over 120 years of frame making experience. Anglo American prides myselves on manufacturing the highest quality zyl glasses frames in the industry. Anglo American glasses started producing frames by hand and have perfected it to an art form.

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The Anglo American Eyewear brand plays a unique role within the eyewear industry. In fact, the brand’s unique history provides evidence of the importance of this manufacturer.

The Anglo American Optical Company began operations in 1882 in London, England. From the start, the pride of the company lay in its claim of being the highest quality providers of Zyl eyewear in the market. The company travels all around the world in order to find the right material for its products.
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