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But don’t think for a moment that you have to kiss common sense good-bye when you embrace Baby Phat’s fashion sense! These glasses come with several features that offer individualized comfort. Not only does this line offer a wide variety of eye sizes, but it also offers universal nose bridges as well as glasses with adjustable nose pads. But don’t stop with just the glasses! Check out their sunglasses, while you’re at it! These frames are designed with an extra dose of stunning gorgeousness, a perfect addition to your outdoor wardrobe. Even if you’re looking for something that is practical but attractive, don’t go to another brand, because Baby Phat has what you’re looking for. Just take a peek at their sunglasses to see what I mean.

And don’t think that something this spectacular must come with too high a price tag. On the contrary, their most expensive eyewear is only $156! And with thirty styles of frames under $100, Baby Phat definitely has something for even those on a budget. So, go ahead! Scroll through dozens of pictures of attractive Baby Phat frames to find a pair that will make you look extremely attractive. Let the crown jewels of the world of eyewear completely enhance your personal style. After all, it’s your face. Don’t let anything stand between you and being completely at home in the best eyewear styles.

Baby Phat is an urban fashion clothing and accessories brand that is positioned for women and girls. The line is extensive, and includes shoes, fragrances, jewelry, and even phone accessories. Started in 1998 by Russell Simmons, the co-founder of the Def jam record label.

Baby Phat eyeglasses frames are one of the best kept secrets in the world of optics. Their eyeglass frames feature wide temples along with oblong lenses and they are perfect for everyone who likes keeping up with the styles and fashions of right now. The line of Baby Phat eyeglass frames and eyeglasses are a subsidiary of Phat Farm, established by Russell Simmons, a magnate of American business and also popular in the hip-hop music scene. Baby Phat eyeglasses and eyeglass frames are specially designed for women that preferr the glamorous and irresistible look and style. Whether you prefer metal or plastic for your eyeglass frames, a full rim or half rium, Baby Phat has the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you that will give you the perfect finishing touch to your own personal style.

Baby Phat's eyeglasses have many features designed just for your individual comfort. You can choose from a large variety of eye sizes along with universal nose bridges and also adjustable nose pads. The family of Baby Phat products also includes sunglasses. The frames designed with a heavy focus on both beauty and style, and they are the perfect complement to any outdoor wardrobe. If you are looking for sunglasses that are both practical and attractive then Baby Phat has the perfect sunglasses for you at prices much less than you would expect for this high-quality and style. Baby Phat believes that great quality and great fashion should be combined with great value and both their eyeglasses and sunglasses are made keeping with this tradition and philosophy. Baby Phat's eyeglasses are the crown jewels of the eyeware world and they will greatly enhance your own personal style. Don't let anything get between you and being completely comfortable in the best styles of eyewear.

Baby Phat, an urban fashion clothing and accessories brand focused primarily on women and girls, is the sister of the brand Phat Farm, which was founded in 1998 by Russell Simmons who was also the co-founder of the Def jam hip-hop record label. Telephone accessories, along with jewelry, shoes, and fragrances are some of the other family of Baby Phat products. Baby Phat Scrubs is a division of Baby Phat which makes and sells medical outfits like scrubs and lab coats available in different designs and prints featuring the "sleek cat" logo That has become the Baby Phat trademark. It was in August, 2010 that Kimora Lee Simmons unexpectedly announced her split from Baby Phat. She would post on twitter that the split was not amicable. Kimora, mother of three, still remains in control of the rest of her interests. She will soon be relaunching her KLS collection, along with her Kouture by Kimora line and also her under $40 line, which will be sold exclusively at Macy's so things do seem to be moving onward and upward for Kimora after the split with Baby Phat and one of her recent posts on twitter stated that she was "very happy and excited."