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Bally is one of the most well-known, famous, and respected brand names of luxury in the world of fashion, footwear and manufacturer of quality accessories. It was in the year 1851 the company began in a village in Switzerland and just recently celebrated a century and a half of producing the highest quality leather goods. Carl Franz Bally went on a business trip to Paris once and became fascinated with the pattern a pair of slippers were decorated with. He bought the slippers and brought them back to his wife in Switzerland and from there brought all the master shoemakers of the area together and started a shoe workshop. In the beginning, all their shoes were made entirely by hand but Bally soon would become one of the first companies that innovated with industrial machinery. As technology and industry advanced Bally's company advanced.

Bally of Switzerland Eyeglasses.  Since 1851, Bally has been crafting exquisite leather with "Swiss Made" quality and contemporary style.  Bally has its roots in the making of exquisite shoes.  Bally boots reached the top of Mount Everest on the feet of Sir Edmund Hillary, and shoes have graced the feet of famous men and women for over a century.  More recently, two creative minds in the name of Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz took over Bally’s menswear and womenswear design studio in March 2010.  Their focus is to give it “a contemporary heritage” (Michael Herz) and “a sense of modernity while looking at the past” (Graeme Fidler).  Since then, the two have been working on the impressive archives and defined a map for a new Bally journey. 

For example, in 2013 Bally launched its venerable eyewear collection.  The Bally eyeglasses line uses the same contemporary styling and attention to perfection that has been the hallmark of Bally fashion since the early days.