Benetton Eyeglasses


Benetton glasses are designed by Benetton, the Italian fashion house.  Benetton is present in 120 countries around the world with a strong italian character whose style, quality and passion are clearly seen in its brands: the casual United Colors of Benetton, the glamour oriented Sisley, Playlife American college style and Killer Loop streetwear.  Benetton glasses are the latest addition to the Benetton menu of garments and accessories

The Benetton Group has a total yearly production of about 160 million garments and a distribution network of more than 5,500 contemporary stores, mainly managed by independent partners, generating a total turnover of over 2 billion euro.  And now, Benetton eyeglasses.  You may want to check out some other top brands of eyeglasses that are similar to Benneton glasses, like Gucci glasses, Armani Glasses, Ray Ban glasses, and Guess glasses.

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