Bulgari Eyeglasses


Bulgari has its history in the latter part of the 19th Century when Sotirio Georgis Bulgari was designing Neo-Hellenic styled pieces and shapes in silver and other materials. His style combined byzantine and Islamic traditions, while featuring allegory, and floral motifs. Through the 1950s, his design esthetic evolved while influenced by the French style, and took on a more geometric design and more stylized naturalistic motifs.  Bulgari eyeglasses continue this great tradition.

In the 1950s, the post-war economic boom saw color intrude into the previously sober palette, and new shapes emerged like brooches and other decorative media. Cabouchons in red, green, and blue were interspersed by sparkling diamonds to create a more lush envirionment. 

The 1970’s saw the Bulgari heirs evolving to a more eclectic style, as their differing views and experimentation revived the classic style with some youthful vigor. These years saw experimentation – sometimes beneficial, sometimes quirky. The range was wide: from elegant designs inspired by fireworks, to oriental, pop art, and even the stars and stripes. This decade saw the first Bulgari boutiques spring up in the big fashion cities. Read More

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