Candies Eyeglasses


Candies Eyewear

From industries ranging from eyewear to community service, Candies has managed to establish itself as a leader and a guiding principle in women's fashions.   The Company began with humble beginnings, although it grew quickly. The brand, which was founded in 1981, was so popular at one time that it was hard to not spot a pair of Candies glasses on the street.

Part of this success stems from the personality of the brand, which exudes a casual femininity, stylish, and driven. In fact, when one thinks about Candies it is impossible to not think about pop culture. Added to this, the brand has led multiple campaigns aimed at the teen market. The campaigns recognize celebrities to raise awareness.

In the end, Candies Eyewear’s popularity comes from the quality and uniqueness of its products. The brand itself is so versatile that it offers a wide range of eyeglasses and a sophisticated line of ophthalmic lenses. The Candies ELLA model is a great example, as this model is made from high quality metals and features a semi rimless design with a visible logo. It is a design made for women, presenting a cat-like appearance and three different colors. The Candies Heidi glasses model perfectly embodies the personality of Candies Eyewear.