Carrera Eyeglasses


Carrera glasses are known for their technical expertise and craftsmanship.  Carrera glasses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors at

The history of the CARRERA trademark in the sector of sports eyewear and ski helmets and goggles starts many years ago in 1956. It is the story of an extraordinary adventure in both eyewear and in sports, combining enthusiasm, innovation and success.  And now, Carrera glasses.

Its name comes from the “Carrera Panamericana”, an automobile race that used to go all the way across Mexico. In 1996 CARRERA joined the Safilo group, a market leader in sunglasses and prescription frames. At this time Safilo started producing ski masks and helmets, presenting CARRERA’S innovative, advanced products in this market as well.

Great enthusiasm for sports and the desire to be number one – always’ is the philosophy behind CARRERA. Over fifty years of victories in the most exciting sports is proof of the commitment that CARRERA, through its glasses, masks and ski helmets, devotes to innovation and research for winning performance. Read More

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