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CEO-V Vision Eyeglasses


CEO-V, made by Aspex Eyewear, is a new and unique eyewear concept designed specifically for business.  CEO-V eyeglasses combine quality and styling with practical needs in the office. We call it "CEO VISION". Have you ever misplaced your glasses? If yes, CEO-V eyewear would be perfect for you. 

The objective was to create the best folding glasses for the business environment. CEO-V, through superior design innovation and manufacture, takes the concept of foldable business glasses to a new level.  The eyeglass frames fold flat and fit into a slim case.  In addition, the temples retract and magnetically attach around the back of your neck, so you always know where your glasses are.

CEO-V comes with a handy finger grip cleaning cloth to ensure your eyewear is always clean.  When not in use the design of CEO-V features a patented system that allows the glasses to be worn around the neck without the need for a cord or chain. Alternatively the CEO-V frame can be stored in an ultra-slim protective case.

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